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Should Michael Jacksons Doctor be Blamed for Michaels Death – No

Generally speaking Michael Jackson was an adult who made his own decisions. Yes, there are many controversies surrounding his life, but the path he led once he became able was his and his alone. To blame his doctor for obeying a patient’s instructions is not the way to go about this. His doctor may have enabled him to continue taking drugs he knew were not suited for his health, but Michael chose to take them among other drugs to get rid of the pain that not only plagued him as a child, but the pain he continuously suffered due to the Pepsi Cola commercial that scarred him on the outside as well.

To blame his doctor now after his death is just another travesty. Michael knew the risks involved and yet he couldn’t find himself going without them. This was a man who endured a lot of heart ache as a child, and later as an adult due to the allegations of him molesting children at his Ranch house, and a man who so generously gave his heart to those he held dear.

His children can tell you how great a father he was to them, and even though he sheltered them from the outside world he demonstrated how much he loved and adored them. To think of what that love would’ve brought out in them would be a mystery to us all, but I am certain that he wouldn’t want anyone else blamed for his carelessness.

Michael Jackson was a true legend, and an icon no one will ever truly forget, so basically what I am saying is that his life should be portrayed as such. Forget the negative comments, and the drama that unfolded after his death and let him rest in peace. It is a true shame that all of this hype surfaced upon his death and that everyone jumped on the band wagon to paint such a horrible picture about him.

The New York Post even had the audacity to add one of the most unappealing pictures ever taken of Michael on the front cover. Very distasteful, but every copy sold and every other headline both on print and the news focused on this doctor’s wrong doings and not the fact that Michael chose to go out this way. My heart goes out to Michael’s family, especially his children, Janet and his mom, but they have to deter from bad mouthing Dr. Conrad Murray, and or trying to destroy his reputation and place the needs of his kids first.