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Should God be Held Accountable for Killing in his name

Ever since Adam and Eve ate some apples, mankind has been trying to find someone else to blame for their deeds. That’s pretty much when God cut us loose and told us to think for ourselves, which hasn’t always worked out well for others. He didn’t send us out into the world to have wars over “who he liked better“, and he didn’t invent religion. If He had, there would have been only one, His.

We need to take full credit for our wayward acts, since they stem from our creations, not His. Through the centuries, when in doubt, certain people have decided to read God’s mind and interpret his personal preferences. Frankly, the line between “God given commands,” and those of religious leaders following their own agendas has been pretty hazy since religions began. What is certain is that God did not order the Salem witch trials, the Spanish Inquisition, the Holocaust, or terrorism. Mankind has to take the credit for those atrocities. There isn’t even a snake to blame it on.

In Genesis it states that God created man, and woman, in his own image. We take this to mean that he gave us the power to think and make our own decisions. Where God left off, mankind took over, creating creeds, religious ceremonies, and different religious practices, which we became convinced were the only route to salvation. Naturally, in our clear and rational thinking, we decided that the best way to further our religion would be to kill off everyone else who wasn’t a believer. This “rationale”, has lead us into wars and actions that have disgraced the history of the world, and put a black mark on religions in general.

As for the concept that we can hold God accountable for our mistakes, I’m afraid not. Just as a teacher isn’t responsible for a student that takes some knowledge and uses it for evil, God isn’t accountable for our use, or misuse, of the knowledge and the power that He bestowed on mankind.

If it were possible to hold God accountable for anything, which it is not, maybe it should be for allowing mankind to think and act on their own, and make their own decisions. Maybe we just weren’t ready.

As for those that use God’s name to justify their own actions and kill in His name, they are following the beat of their own drum, or the misdirected precepts of some charismatic leader.