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Should German Schools be Required to Teach Christianity Alongside the Occult – No

The German government, like any government, if allowed to teach religion will make a pile of bureaucracy of it. Judas Iscariot will emerge as an ethically challenged and over-worked accountant that kept double books-like some over-worked and highly paid firm for Wall-Street. he will seem like an advocate for globalism and corporatism describing the Footsie as the real deal and Christians as some kind of terrorists sympathetic to Al Qa’eda in Iran. The German Government should teach the occult to students and relate that Adolph Hitler was the High Priest of the underworld of vampires and wolf creatures from secret places of sexy and glamorous evil-Government propagandists can relate that spirit knockers read the stars and scrolls of the last Reich directing them toward war on the east and west in order to recover from French perfidy in hiding the secret gold of the Knights Templar that was really donated in the Donation of Barbarossa to the people of Germany forever.

The occult, if taught in German schools should be equal to the challenges presented to state educators to know nothing, and repeat it authoritatively to minors. It is better that they do not get their hands and mouthpieces automatic repeaters upon the Holy Word of God, Germany has enough issues with faith as it is, and though the innocent blood of millions still cries from the ground Jesus Christ has made his way through the German secular society already and let the cold war and that danger of nuclear obliteration fall into ruin.

The concept of state educational instructors blundering their skeptical way through the scriptures is really quite a Nazi prospect in a way-even though the good hearted German people provide excellent strudel to visitors, for which they will ever be thankful, mass produced religion taught in schools as required studies from textbooks would pre-condition youth to have the state spin on things involving God, and that would be on the anti-Christ’s side I would think.

God will save those whom are the elect, and the remainder evidently are pre-destined to disbelief and eternal hell. If another Martin Luther arises to write the next chapter on the Priesthood of Believers with an egalitarian structure, three simple ranks of beginner, intermediate and elder with a semi-annual election of a presiding Bishop to decide interminably difficult decisions the elders cannot come to an agreement with, then Germany could be the center of a religious revival once again. We hope some Christians produce the goods-it is certain that the German Government would not be at all helpful.