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Should Christians be Discouraged from Celebrating Christmas Publicly – No

On a non-bias note, I don’t believe that anyone who practices any religion should be discouraged to follow their faith.

Having been raised Roman Catholic and then choosing different paths still within the Catholic thinking realm, I have very strong beliefs in my religion and my faith.

Christmas is the most sacred, most holiest day that any Christian would pay homage to. It is the remembrance of the day that our Saviour was born from a miracle, an immaculate conception in which God in all his love for his people sent His beloved Son to bring salvation to this world and anyone who would follow his teachings. Not only is it a miracle in the way he was born, but it is even a greater miracle in the circumstances surrounding it. Mary was pregnant not by her husband and Joseph who also believed devotely in God protected Mary and Jesus by not exposing her and by stepping in as father to Jesus. The very act of Mary being pregnant, not by her husband, would have been seen as a crime and she would have been stoned to death.

By Jesus’ birth and HIS free will to teach and forgive and heal all those who he met while He walked this earth and then HIS free will to allow himself to be put to death in the most dispictable most painful form of death a man had to endure, He not only opened the doors for salvation for those who would follow him but He gave us the example to follow.

Christianity is about freewill. You must choose and that is the greatest form of love. Jesus allowed himself to suffer to show us that we will at times suffer because of our faith but with perservance we will have eternal life. To truly appreciate this greatest act of love for HIS people, one must understand exactly what type of pain it meant to die for us. Rather than be tied to the cross at his wrists, nails were hammered into his wrist. The spot just behind the wrist where the two arm bones meet the wrist bone has enough strength that the nails wouldn’t just rip through his hands should he hang from them. His feet were also nailed to the cross. Just for him to be able to breath meant he would have to stand suffering the pain of the nails in His feet and then hang by the nails in His hands to exhale.

Christmas is a time to celebrate what Jesus brought to this earth. Even for those who do not believe who He really is, no one can deny His earthly existance as there is much evidence to the fact that He walked this earth. Even if one does not want to believe His doctrines and teachings, how He lived His life is worth giving Him the honor he deserves.

This was a man, not looking for wealth or fame. He forgave all those who would believe in Him and he healed all those who sought him out. He walked with the meek and the lowly and the less than upstanding to show them by example a better life, a reason to change. He prayed devotedly to His father and taught great lessons on how one should live their lives. Once again, even if you don’t want to believe in Christianity, what he taught are lessons we can all benefit from, because they teach us to be good people. They teach us honesty and forgiveness, how to be neighborly and honorable rather than be self-righteous, greedy and selfish. They teach us to love one another rather than to hate.

Our country was founded on Christian beliefs but yet every day our Government continually denies that belief. They embrace every other religion and slowly are removing God from most all things involving the Government. And I strongly believe that is one reason why our country is becoming a sea or criminals, dishonorable people, and suffering on all levels. When one walks away from God, they lose the blessings that come from it.

Christmas is not about presents and money, though many merchants are certainly banking on the commericialization of the holiday. But if one cannot remember what Christmas is, then why celebrate it at all. Christmas is the birth of our God in human form. Shout it from the rooftops. Our Saviour was born that day. Celebrate that marvelous gift or don’t bother celebrating it at all. And may God forgive the Pagans who believe that Christians should deny their most holy of holiest days.