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Setbacks Failure Success

In life we must learn from our mistakes. A natural part of life is to face setbacks that result from mistakes and generally the outcome is dependent upon how we respond when things happen. For some strange reason we are  surprised when unexpected things happen but if we really think about the unfavorable things we experience in life it is actually the very opposite in most cases.

In life unexpected things that happen when we are not prepared. It’s really more of a situation where things happen that we fail to respond to in a proactive manner. As we make mistakes we gain knowledge and experience that is a part of the process of making positive change in the way we live.This is how we create better results for ourselves as we move forward and bounce back from problems.

One of the most important lessons we can learn is that our circumstances, situations, mistakes and problems do not define who we are nor do they determine our future.The issues of today do not have to be the issues of tomorrow. Positive change always finds those who do not give up and are persistent in their endeavor to succeed at reaching a goal. We must understand that in life there will be ups and downs but every debacle has a lesson to that is to be learned. At some point we have to accept the fact things will never go according to our plan without a few mishaps along the way. This is natural and normal so just deal with the fact it will happen.

At the moment we are going through our frustrations they seem unbearable. However as we come through it we realize that things are never as bad as they once appeared. One of the best ways to quantify or worries and fears is to write them down to process them properly. By writing  down your worries and fears we can examine them with the proper perspective.

In my own life I have found that when things are not working out the way I expected, Itake the following steps to gain more control over what is happening:  

The first step is to always be under control never panic. Many times we over react because we become irrational and emotional about the shock of the setback. Anytime we are too emotional we don’t think clearly. Remain calm and think things through.

Second, Slow down don’t convince yourself you have to take immediate action. Wait it out and see what happens after a day or two passes. After you get over the initial shock you will be better prepared to respond in a more positive way.

Third, Don’t assume anything. Make sure you get the facts. Assess the situation and determine how serious the situation is based on facts.

Fourth, Write down what happened and formulate a written plan of action to correct the problem and improve the situation.

And finally, decide what you will do and when you need to do it. Follow your plan and stick to it until you get the results you are looking for.

By taking control over mistakes you must face the challenge to overcome them. The steps shared in this article force you to think clearly and helps you to avoid over reacting emotionally. Mistakes become more damaging when we fail to deal with them from a standpoint  of intelligent reasoning. As we process mistakes we can learn from them and avoid repeating them. When we fail to correct mistakes we repeat them and we find ourselves in a cycle of shortcoming ad disappointment.