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Sermons Prayer

While sitting in church , we have all listened to countless sermons on prayer. We have been told that through prayer, we gain access to God and his grace.   Some people may feel being told to pray, when trials come your way is redundant and a waste of time. These people don’t know a thing about it.That’s why they doubt the power of prayer.  A prelude to prayer is to always to thank God. Should the sermons we hear, inform and instruct us the correct way to pray or have we heard all there is to say about prayer? Our prayers should come from our own hearts and never scripted. Prayer is the most sincerest form to talk with God.

During these difficult times, we are offered many sermons on prayer. We are told to pray for endurance of these times. pray for change and last but not least, pray for direction.  Have God’s people given up on prayer?  Sometimes it seems so. It seems the frustrations and hurriedness of people have gotten in the way of praying. Prayer is not a quick fix. Prayer does address every malady and problem known to mankind.  Many people, have a testimony of what prayer can do. A popular slogan amongst Christians is “Prayer changes things”. I agree whole heartedly with this anecdote.

The sermons we hear at church, temple or moss or where ever you choose to worship are given to remind us and not harangue us. Fellowship and praying as a community is a great way to unite for a cause or endeavor. The New year is often ushered in by prayer for the New Year, which is called a “Watch Night ” celebration.

Most people have been taught to pray by one or both of their parents. Consider those people who may have been orphaned, it is then the churches responsibility to teach them about prayer. 

Calling upon a global day of prayer would create astounding results. Just a few synchronized moments of prayer, would certainly capture the attention of all of those people who refuse to pray for what ever reasons. God is listening to each individual,as he continues to hold the whole world in his hands. Now just think, of the entire world united in prayer. Imagine that. This thought and my prayer is that one day we can be united in prayer for those moments. Prayer opens the door for endless possibilities.