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Self help self Affirmation best Friend

Are you feeling down and lonely, or like you don’t have a friend in the world? Everyone has those times in their lives when it is four in the morning, depression has set in and there’s no-one they can call at such ungodly hour to pull them out of the pit of despair. You turn to chocolate for comfort, dull the pain with alcohol and wallow in self pity.

There are many more constructive things to do with your time! All you need is a best friend – but yours moved away, or went to a different college, or drifted out of touch over the years. Why not learn to be your own best friend? Spend those wee hours before dawn making a game plan to pull yourself out of the pit of gloom and doom. You can rebuild your self esteem and ensure you never spend a lonely night again.

A best friend gives you support and positive feedback. You can start using positive, personal affirmations to kick-start your morning and keep you revved up all day, and branch out to pats on the back at work and at home for achievements big and small. First, however, fill the time between four and seven am with some constructive arts and crafts!

Draw a calendar with big squares on a poster-board, and fill each square with an ‘affirmation of the day’. Every day from now on you can start at square one and read them to yourself, working your way up to the current date. Think ahead, and put stressful events on the calendar (business presentation, doctor appointment, job interview). Assign appropriate affirmations to those days to help get you through them with less anxiety.

Write more personal affirmations (these start with ‘I’) on sticky notes and put them where you will see them. Start in the bathroom to counteract your reaction to morning eye puffiness and bedhead. These should say things like: I am beautiful; I am strong; I am smart. Follow up on the fridge, so you get a boost along with breakfast:: I can control what I eat; I will have energy for the day. Put one on the front door to remind you: I will have a good day at work! – and at your desk: I can finish all of my work and still have time to take a long lunch!

Next dredge out a blank book or notepad you can use as a journal and decorate it. You can use this to settle yourself before bed, by making it a nightly ritual to write down what you have done for yourself that day. If you didn’t do anything for yourself, you neglected a very important person! In that case, write down something you can do for yourself tomorrow. Think a positive thought about yourself, say it aloud, and write it down. Finish your entry by listing something you did right – even if the day was so spectacularly awful that the only thing you can point to is managing to tie your shoes correctly.

Soon you will begin looking at yourself differently. Your self confidence and self esteem can’t help but improve, now that you have a buddy who can remind you daily that you are a terrific person. Being your own best friend is a surefire way to beat back blues and feelings of depression – you always know that there is at least one person you can talk to – even at four in the morning.

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