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Seeking to Understand The Chapters of This Most Treasured Asset Called Life

The very thought of reading and understanding brings along with it a meaningful approach to each endeavor. Reading / Knowledge / Understanding:- Reading provides us with Knowledge and Understanding provides us with yet greater range of abilities to further grasp the essence of what is being communicated. Key Element:- The key element is the initiative, “To Understand” / To take the appropriate steps and perceive what is being expressed from a practical stand point of view.

To compliment the captioned process, we will need to be:-

Appreciative, Ambitious, Analytic, Aspiring and Attentive; Compassionate, Caring and Creative;
Disciplined; Enthusiastic, Enterprising and Ethical; Focused; Goal Oriented and Grateful;Honest and Humble;Intelligent (Justified in our Thoughts and Actions – Ensuring that we do not trespass the permissible parameters and have a defined boundary/circumference within which accountability is prevalent) Loving; Objective; Punctual, Practical and Principled; “Responsible”; Rightful; Sensible and Sincere; Talented, Thankful and Thoughtful;
Versatile and a Visionary approach and application to each and every aspect intelligently;
Wise and a host of additional attributes virtues that could compliment enhance the scope of each and every Moment meritoriously, meaningfully and constructively for Universal Meaningful Benefit and Constructive Progress consistently

To Read and Understand, we need to be:-Appreciative:-
Appreciation for each and every precious Moment along with immense sense of Thankfulness and Gratefulness for all that we have been provided with, Moment by Precious Moment

Taking complete “Responsibility” for our thoughts and actions (Thoughts since thoughts pondered upon tend to shape and take the direction / result of an action(s))

According an element of priority to each and every aspect(s) of our Daily Life by scheduling the agenda of each day enterprisingly / innovatively

Principles & Values:-
Adhering and Abiding by Moral Values and Ethical Principles

Taking Responsible Care:-
While the above are being observed and pursued diligently, ensuring that adequate and prudent appropriate care is duly taken care of one’s own assets and belongings; as well as protectively nurturing and appropriately taking responsible care of the assets and endowments wisely;

Key Element:-(This particular sentence has been deliberately repeated with added emphasis focused upon “Initiative” & “Understanding”;-
The key element is the initiative, “To Understand” / To take the appropriate steps and perceive what is being expressed from a practical stand point of view.

These two virtues do not only relate to the virtual reading from a published article but relate with equal important to the very virtual Life that we are so very fortunate to be endowed with

Each Day:-
Each day, due to the constraint of time, we may notice or we may (perhaps) at certain times / instances inadvertently not notice the finest of creation all around us, the splendid treasures that are all around us and of course within each and every one of us; one of which is the following:-

Intellectual Proficiency:-
The intellectual proficiency that each and every one of us have so very fortunately been endowed with whereby we are able to comprehend, distinguish, verify and adopt or pursue, depending upon the agenda/objective that we have been assigned / associated with

Further, to summarize the main objective of this article, namely; Reading and Understanding the Chapters of This Most Wonderful & Very Most Treasured Asset called Life, a few of the salient and extremely prominent / vital factors are the following aspects:-

Chapters & Pages of This Wonderful Life:-
Each and Every Moment of this Wonderful Life, we are whether advertently / deliberately or inadvertently writing page by page/ chapter by chapter, each and every thought(s) and action(s) is / are being documented although we might not be aware

Thought & Action;-
With each thought and action, we are either making progress or are in the process of making progress, depending upon how well prepared we are for the opportunity(s) that are continually prevalent within the enterprising chapters of this Wonderful Life.

Wisdom & Responsibility (Complete Responsibility):-
Where there might be an prolongation of perception of results that are desired, these set of chapters are the learning chapters which teach us to reflect upon the achievement with an sense of appreciation and responsible understand; whereby we call these chapters are the challenging chapters; the chapters that held lesson with lesson within their pages extensively; lessons intended to strengthen our resolve and to encourage us to perform our actions wisely with due diligence and complete / total Responsibly and Attention.

The above is a brief prelude of the extensive, interesting and fascinating chapters of Life where passion to achieve and excel holds within it an intensity that is unique; an aspiration to scale and reach the plateau of every peak and milestone enterprisingly as well as wisely;

There Comes a Time:-
Each and Every day, there comes a time, where for a brief span of a moment, we might tend to reflect upon what has been accomplished and admiringly pursue our objectives with appreciation and wisdom; knowing that each action taken has its value and result, thereby balancing the investment portfolio of endeavors wisely, meaningfully and constructively

As specified above, that this summarization featured herewith is incomplete regarding How to Read and Most Importantly Understand the Chapters of This Most Wonderful & Very Most Treasured Asset called Life; and certainly needs the valued input of various Individuals without whose expression of perspectives, it might appear to be an approach that is only addressing a very small of the process

Henceforth, the captioned topic naturally merits continuation and inclusion of various attributable factors that need to be further highlighted and accorded priority and prominence to each and every segment of its elements responsibly.

This topic henceforth is scheduled to be continued subsequently whereby additional chapters will need to be featured…………..

Until then, Wishing Success, as Each and Every Chapter of this Life Wonderfully unfolds revealing within each of its splendid moments,

Its Magnificence consistently;

There is one particular aspect which cannot be ignored namely the segment relating to the Question Mark that emerges within the Chapters of this Wonderful Life which relates to numerous events that occur in Life, which continually remain unanswered and tend to persistently adopt their own mystical pathways; which many a time leave or add and keep incrementing to the perplexity profoundly, with unresolved matters/issues / unanswered questions mysteriously!

The Chapters of this Wonderful Life teach us to continually Appreciate and be Grateful for each and every Moment and although there remain questions to be answered, the greater and more higher priority task is to attend to one’s duties and obligations and attend to these with complete / total Responsibility on a High Priority basis consistently with due diligence and wisdom.

The Chapters of this Wonderful Life also continually teaches us that this precious Moment that is with us will never return and will take along its pathways with it what it needs to encapsulate thereby reminding us to accord the very highest importance to each and every thought and action that is taken and to ensure that this / these thoughts and actions is/are taken with complete responsibility, due diligence, prudent acumen and wisely please.