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Secret Life

The best new television show of 2008-2009 has to be The Secret Life of the American Teenager. The show first aired on ABC in July of 2008 and was renewed for a second season earlier on this year. The show was created by Brenda Hampton. Brenda also created the hit series, “7th Heaven.”

The show is a drama series that focuses on the lives of high school students and their families. The main character is Amy Juergens played by Shailene Woodley. She is a teenager who becomes pregnant after a summer at band camp. The father of the child is an irresponsible, ladies man and orphan named Rickey Underwood (Daren Kagasoff). She does not have a relationship with Ricky and instead falls in love with a teen named Ben Boykewich (Kenny Baumann). Ben and Amy continue a relationship which eventually turns into an engagement while she is pregnant by another man.

And as if Amy’s life is not complicated enough, her mother and father get a divorce after Anne (Molly Ringwald) finds out George (Mark Derwin) has cheated on her. Amy and her sister Ashley (India Eisley) have a hard time during this divorce and dealing with the pregnancy and school in general.

Other students at the school become involved in Amy’s life throughout the pregnancy. Adrian (Francia) and Grace Bowman (Megan Park) are two of the girls who get involved. Both of these girls have had relationships with Ricky. Grace is a Christian teenager who struggles with the idea of virginity and Adrian is the school slut to be blunt. Both girls face issues such as friendship, dealing with rumors, and Christianity lifestyles.

The show contains a variety of topics such as teen pregnancy, drug use, divorce, dating,and the effects of gossip. It focuses on relationships between friends and family. The parents go through as many troubles as the teens but the show portrays a somewhat “normal” family dealing with these issues.

When I was younger, my favorite shows on TV were 90210, Friends, Punky Brewster, 227, Golden Girls, and Saved by the Bell. Now days, TV has changed. There are more sex and violence on TV than before. However, there are TV shows still targeted for teens and young adults that address these topics first hand instead of only portraying them in their plots. The Secret Life as an American Teenager is a great show for teenagers and adults. It is an even better show for adults to watch with their teenagers.