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Searching for Truth in the Bible

The Bible is the word of God to us, written by fallible men who were inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit. The men that wrote the Bible through time were remarkably consistent in revealing God’s truth to us. This was a result of the direct action of the Holy Spirit on these mere mortal men. The Bible is very cohesive, telling us one story – the story of Jesus Christ. Both Old and New Testaments reveal to us the life, the history, and the gospel message of God

That God was directly involved in creating Bible is evident in that it still exists today and is still a living book, the only truly sacred text in existence. If God is the Creator of all that there is, then it is evident that He could very easily direct the making of the Bible and that He could oversee the perseverance of the Bible through hundreds and hundreds of years.

What is most important is the experiental evidence of the Bible’s truth: the changed lives, the sacrifices that those who fear God make, the turning away from sin. Sin is simply “missing he mark.” And what does “missing the mark” mean? It means that one does not obey God, does not in reality DO what God says. The Scottish writer George MacDonald points this out, the not obeying God and doing what He says, in his many novels and sermons.

The Bible is God’s Revealed Truth to us humans. It is the story of why we are in the condition we are in (the fallen state of humanity) and offers us redemption from our falleness, gives each and every one of us, individually, the answer not only to why we are here but where we are going when we die.

The one and only truly important thing to know about reading the Bible is that it is only through the working of the Holy Spirit (God) in you that you can really beging to understand the Bible, to finally “get it.”

The one and only important thing to understand about the Bible is this: No one can truly understand or make spiritual use of the Bible without the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Bible is written for the individual and each individual reading the Bible will get nothing, or next to nothing out of the Bible without the Holy Spirit.

[Personal note: For most of my life I believed the Bible to be no better than a comic book. Thank God, I finally, after decades of searching, was graced by God to see that the Bible is God’s book and that it is utterly true, reliable, trustworthy, and real. By the way, I wept when I found out the Bible is true – all my searching in various places, places which I found delightful, was, in the end, to lead me back to my childhood Christianity, the Christianity I had thoroughly rejected.]