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Saturn Relationships Authority Lifes Importance you Signs Zodiac Reaction to Authority

Saturn is representative of what most people believe the perfect marriage should be, that is responsibility, patience, ever-building to higher platforms, and conservativeness. Most relationships don’t fall into this category, or do they, or can they, with a little work. Saturn can have good and bad placement in a chart depending on what sign it is passing through. Saturn can also pose obstacles and euphoria in relationships depending on the distance it is from the other planets and the aspects that they create.

The main issue with Saturn is how an individual deals with authority. Since there is little escaping authority in life, Saturn affects us one way or another. Let’s say a person doesn’t like to be told what to do. They are probably going to express anger as a result. This anger can either manifest itself at the job or at home. No one likes an angry person unless they are watching it on television. A person can thank Saturn for setting them off.

 In a relationship, there is a great deal of decision making and telling or asking one person to do things. This is where the authority issue comes into play. If you or your spouse have an afflicted Saturn this can mean that your more of a free spirit and may not be into a tied down relationship. Relationships are commitments, but if you enter into a union where you are both free roamers, not necessarily sexually, but spiritually, you then might be able to make a relationship.

 Saturn also deals with the main concerns of a person’s life. Say you have person who’s Saturn is in Sagittarius, what is important to them may be traveling and philosophy so they are going to probably be living there life to do these things. If you’re in love with this person you should be prepared and happy to do and talk about travel and philosophy. If you are not, then, there will be friction.

 Saturn can influence a relationship from many different angles. Wherever Saturn is in a person’s chart, says a lot about how an individual deals with structure and authority. This can make or break a relationship. I am talking about two totally different people here. One person can spit in authorities face and the other can walk shoulder to shoulder with authority and be respected and take a job in it. You have probably seen these examples in people around you. To know which kind of person you are is important for your relationships.

 Saturn’s influence on relationships can be fully understood when you understand how Saturn affects you and your love interest. You can get an astrologer analyzed detailed report about what sign your Saturn is in. This will put into perspective how you accept authority in life. There is authority everywhere and how you react to it can help and hinder you in life.