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Saturday – Saturday

If you would have asked me this a couple of years ago, I would have said Saturday is the true Sabbath, hands down. I argued about this to classmates, friends, family, and coworkers and it was a subject I was very passionate about. I spent a lot of time perusing my Bible and reading all kinds of books pertaining to the topic. For many years I was part of the Seventh-day Adventist church, which believes in a Saturday worship day. I spent time researching the history of the word, and how that compares to other languages. What I found was convincing to my belief in holding to Saturday at the time, because all the languages I came across defined Saturday as a loose translation of “sabbath”, whereas everything about Sunday denotes the Sun god. Given that, clearly it was widely known that Saturday started out as the Sabbath. Jews still recognize this and practice Friday night sundown to Saturday night sundown as the day of rest.

What I now believe differently is this: after Jesus came to this earth and fulfilled His mission, it became apparent that preaching and worshipping ought not to be done on one particular day, but any day, and that no day should be esteemed more than another; the apostles stress this in their later writings, and in fact the idea of meeting on a particular day AS AGREED UPON by the fellow believers was established in Paul’s time and that practice stuck to become the first day of the week.

In today’s world, there are not many groups of believers who hold to the Saturday Sabbath, and the ones who do are adament there is no other option for a day of worship. The Sunday worshippers are at a loss, some not really knowing why they worship on a different day, and it starts to become a legal battle of crossed t’s and dotted i’s when the Saturday groups start preaching about Saturday to this crowd. That in my opinion starts a war between believers, and in the end, no one “wins”. So is it really worth it to establish who is right and who is wrong? If you really believe God is leading you to worship on a particular day, then no one can tell you otherwise, and you do well to be among other believers who agree with you and will worship with you. After all, a relationship with God is a personal thing, where you do according to what God calls you to do, and sometimes it means doing things a little different from even the saints who’ve walked on ahead of you.