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Satan God Mankind Adversary the Holy Bible Sin Genesis

Since the dawn of God and man, Adam, that is, a third player on earth reared his ugly head. At one time in his life, he was known as Lucifer, one of God’s angels. He appeared early on as a serpent, but took on many forms in the Holy Bible and many thoughts, most of them based on evil as he became a great adversary, not only to God Himself but to man as well. He then became known throughout time and even today as Satan, the great adversary and the great deceiver of man and God.

Who truly is Satan? First, we can turn to the “secular” definition from a secular on-line dictionary. According to Free Dictionary, Satan is referred to as a noun and “the profoundly evil adversary of God and humanity, often identified with the leader of the fallen angels; the Devil.” He tempted both Adam and Eve, his wife, by telling them in the Book of Genesis, that it was alright for them to eat the fruit “of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”, after God said that they should not. This makes Satan one who tempts humanity day in and day out. As God says for us to do one thing, Satan turns to humanity and says to do just the opposite. This is a tough job for both God and for humanity because if a certain person is not a Believer in God, then it might be alright to do what Satan says. Unfortunately, Satan’s way is normally not legal in today’s legalese.

In the New Testament, Satan tempts God’s Son, Jesus Christ, to do many things and that if He would follow Him, then He could have it all. What is nice about Jesus is that He had and has everything because He is God’s Son, the Son of Man and the King of Kings, so there was no way that Satan could beat Him. But what about man himself? Could Satan beat man? The answer here is quite sad. He can because if man is a non-believer, then Satan’s way can be received with open arms and man can become an “agent” for him. Yet, Satan can be beaten. However, he walks the earth and is unfortunately a thorn in mankind’s side.

What is interesting is that the non-believer in God is weak and can become strong in Him. The believer though can have his faults and can still sin making things sometimes difficult for God. When He sent His Son to earth to bring the people to Him, it was His intention to stop sin and transgressing and to rid the earth of Satan. Yet, somehow, some way, Satan remains. How is this possible? Think about humans who find a way to hurt others. Murderers, serial killers, thieves and others. More times than not you will hear stories about how, “The Devil Made Me Do it!” or “I heard voices whispering in my head!” This is possible but unless it is discovered or there is some evidence to the fact that the devil is responsible for humanity’s problems, it would remain that people do things because they just want to or it is in their DNA.

God is the stronger of the two. Some would say it is crazy to believe this because of the world’s problems today but somehow or some way, God is going to win in the end as the Bible says He will. Humanity will continue to exist on the earth along with Satan but he will always be the weaker of the two because Good is always victorious over Evil. This can be said throughout history because those who were and are considered the adversaries of the United States and its allies in Europe, Asia and the Middle East always seem to find themselves defeated because of the Will of God.

Because Satan continues to thrive today, he remains a great adversary as he has been throughout time. Only when it is said, “Enough is enough,” will the great adversary fall and be no more.