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Salvation God Jesus Light Truth the Word Uncertainty Deception Knowledge Peace Rest Good

When we were children our mother shouted: “don’t touch the stove honey, it is hot.” But we didn’t know what hot means. Mom’s shouting was meaningless so we did what our human nature does best; we reached out and touched the stove. Ouch, that’s hot! Now we know why mom was freaking out. Although she wanted to protect us from suffering – perhaps it was best we learned early on what the consequences of doing what we ought not do if we are to live a life free from suffering hotness.

The information we gained as a result of touching the stove is now etched in our memory as knowledge. But is it written in stone so deep that we should ever come across another stove and not remember hot? Of course not! We may not recall the actual instance mom shouted and we did not listen; every time we encounter a stove, but surely we can if we choose to. Also, regardless of whether we do recall this life changing experience; we won’t go around touching stoves anymore repeating this offense, because this knowledge is now known forever in our own memory. In this sense; the knowledge gained from touching the stove will “save” us from future harm and suffering… if and when we choose to call upon the knowledge stored in our memory… because “it is” stored there.

Here’s a little note that should be realized: what we know … “if we really do know it” … never changes, nor does it ever leave our mind… even the things that are untrue. That is to say, nothing is ever forgotten. We remember the good and the evil and upon recollection we can re-feel these memories as if they were happening as we remember them.

Okay moving along…if we hadn’t touched the stove we wouldn’t know what hot was. Therefore we could not use this information for our safety and protection. Prior to touching the stove we had no knowledge of hot and we placed ourselves in harm’s way. In order for this knowledge to “save” us then, it must be already “in us” if we are to be able to use it for our “good”. Once this information is stored we can never lose it… but it is always our choice to use it or ignore it. If we choose to ignore it; once it has been gained… it may “appear” that we are not “saved” from future harm. But anyone; with even the slightest level of understanding, could discern that one who chooses to ignore this information is either in denial or insane or both! For who could choose to deny what they know would have to be insane.

Indeed, what will the consequences of such foolishness be but chaos and suffering? For it is the case that to go against what you know could be likened to banging your head against a brick wall repeatedly as you deny the wall exists.  What other than insanity could this be called? If there were no brick wall then banging your head against it would be moot. Also, neither could you reap a consequence, nor would a consequence even be possible!

Another little note that should be realized: The wall here is a metaphor for knowledge and so it should be clear that consequences are impossible where there is no unchanging thing present. What is present at all times is the truth[which is like the wall, changeless] … and the lie [which is the consequences or seeming change that was gained in opposition to the wall].

Again, moving along… who; “in their right mind”, would do this? Such is the beguilement of deception. For many have forgotten who they are and it is this they must be saved from. Just like it is necessary, to have the knowledge of hot; prior to all subsequent encounters, with things that are hot; in order for it to be of any “good”, so it is with our salvation.  

Salvation is an awakening of what we are… a remembering of our true identity. No one “in their right mind” can deny they exist. But they can deny what they are. Remembering is a choice … our only choice. For what we are cannot be changed … that is why we suffer. Consequences; regardless of calling them good or evil, are the evidence of our errors. In other words, our good is as much in error as the bad. As noted above, consequences can only happen in opposition where there is something present that cannot be opposed. All opposition reaps an equal opposite effect back to the originating opposition that set in motion the error to return balance. What other than what we believe we know do we act upon? What other than some idea of “good”; that we must possess, do we use to justify what we do?  What is the substance of our ideas other than our prior knowledge gained experientially do we possess to justify what we do?

All knowledge gained experientially presupposes the doer AND without a doer this knowledge is moot. Yet, that there is a doer prior to gaining the experiential knowledge infers another knowledge that is being ignored, which is the doer.  The experiential knowledge now replaces the knowledge of the doer who [mis] identifies with the knowledge gained from the experience… totally “hiding” his own identity. In other words he defines himself by the experiential knowledge: “I am a hunter, gambler, mechanic, etc.” as he becomes this name he has given to himself through the experience. This totally presupposes his own prior existence. For surely one with enough understanding can see that without a doer then doing is moot. Anyways …

Did not Jesus say; as he hung on the cross, dying for our “sins”:

“Forgive them Father, for they KNOW NOT what they DO!”

Does not man “stand in agreement” on the knowledge he has gained experientially? Is this experience not justified for his own survival…his comfort and pleasure? Is it not inferred in all this knowledge a means to give your “self” some meaning, purpose, and identity? Does anyone not have the understanding that in order for survival to be meaningful; as well as “thought”, something must exist prior to any idea of its survival? And if something exists prior to any asserted need for survival… how is it that it existed at all?

If something existed prior to anything then it cannot be the case that it “need” this other thing to exist… it already is being what it is! This idea of “need”; which is fundamentally the basis of and inferred in all ideas justified for survival, is presupposed by itself… the mind that does not “know” what it is.

Was this not the exact reason why Jesus was accused of blasphemy then crucified… claiming to be what he really is…his true identity? Let’s look at Jn 1:1-5:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made, and without him was not anything made that was made. In him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it.”

Here we see that God and “The Word” are one… “To be is to do” as Socrates put it.  Then it states everything that was made [by God] was made through Him. Therefore all that is made is in His image and likeness… the same substance… something does not come from nothing … [which infers God did not create ex nihilo] and what does come from something is like that something… [without him was not anything made that was made]. Next it states that “in Him was life and that life is light”. So we can gather here that: The Word, Life, and Light are “one” thing. If we go back to the beginning of Genesis 1:3 we see that the first word God spoke was “let there “BE” light”… so Jn 1:1-5 stands in agreement with the beginning of creation. But there it ends. Gen 1:4 states:

“God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness.”

Now Jesus tells us in Mt 19:6: “what God has joined together, let man not separate.” What God joined together surely must be what God has created “like” Himself … as the analogy of the bride and bridegroom theme throughout the bible testifies to…and… as Jn 1:3 states what did God bring together that God created? Could it be The Word, life, and light perhaps?

Next in 1 Jn 1:5 we read:

“This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you, that God is light and in him is no darkness at all.”

So if God is light and in Him there is no darkness and if everything that was made was made through God and without Him not anything was made… then what is the darkness? Where did it come from? And if not through God does it exist? If it doesn’t exist then how would it have been the case that God separated the light from nothing? Light and darkness are as opposite as good and evil, as well as the flesh and the spirit! Jn 1:5 clearly states that: “light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it”.

Again I ask: “What is darkness?” Science “knows” it does not exist. It is defined as the absence of light. But light is not absent from anywhere. So what causes this darkness to appear… or “be seen”? Here is where the “need” for salvation rests and is to be found. But how can it be found so long as one chooses to believe the darkness exists? As long as one clings to this belief he will remain “in the dark” by his own choice. Do you suppose that means that where the darkness is seen that the light has actually disappeared… is really hidden? Do not be deceived! The light is what you are as Jesus states in Mt 5:14:

“You are the light of the world!”

If you exist then you are light… for that is life, nothing other. You can believe otherwise but you will suffer the consequences… and that you do suffer evidences you deny the truth… for only the truth does not change … and only change appears to change as consequences in opposition. Yet equal and [equal] effects testify that the idea of change is erroneous. And so it is only what you believe yourself to be; which is contrary to the truth, does nothing but seem to change… for it is the darkness; your idea of what you believe you are, that hides the truth of what you actually are from you.

Who but you can believe you are what you are not and remain “hidden” from the truth through this denial? Therefore who but you can forgive yourself for this belief… for no one holds you accountable to this belief but yourself. Yet you hold your neighbor accountable for your suffering, believing that you could never have done this to yourself. You have and you do… do this because you exist. So you have surely accepted this fact about yourself… but you choose to deny it, making your “self” [the light] to be something that it is not [the darkness].

Oh yes, you can believe Jesus is Lord and confess his name and believe you are saved, just as easily as, you can believe you are what you are not; which to do so is to place your “self” into nothingness … a dead place… an abyss. But if you deny it of your “self” … that is to say, if you refuse to carry your own cross proclaiming the “Good News” that “You are the light of the world” … you but keep your “self” enslaved to your own choice… veiled in a belief that you are what you are not: the darkness. And for this you will continually work to maintain an identity that is a lie, ever trying to fix the equal and opposite effects that arise as consequences from your own identity crisis… never recognizing that you have never gone anywhere, done anything, or changed the changeless. This of course is also known as The Law of Conservation, which evidences absolutely that change IS impossible. What hides this from your eyes is the exchange from one form to another [thorn and thistle].

 Jesus points this out in Mt 16:26:

“For what will it profit a man, if he gains the whole world and forfeits his life? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his life?”

What sort of profit is gained or progress made when only exchange; as an equal and equally opposite effect, can happen in this world? Man frets over his works but he merely just reforms over and over the same old things to fix the consequences the prior forms incurred and never recognizes if he just stopped doing… he would stop suffering. But this is not practical to one who knows not what he is… survival mode forces him to fight or flight, to supply his needs that he overcome his lack… all the while he just exacerbates the needs with more unnecessary tools.

As Einstein stated: “We cannot fix a problem with the same thinking that created it”… so it is with the knowledge man has gained from reaching out and gaining the consequences of the knowledge of good and evil. For what is the substance of a man’s thoughts but his knowledge and what is this knowledge but his own sensual experience? And how is experience gained except as a consequence against itself yet by itself ? Also, gained a posteriori… presupposing the actual thing in itself and replacing it with a sensually gained label… good [for survival] or evil [bad for survival].

Man has certainly “named the beast” giving life to the darkness that does not exist except in his own split mind. You cannot serve two masters, either all is light or there is a shadow of light and darkness. You might be thinking to yourself, “what does she mean by “a shadow of light?” Well in My 6:26 Jesus says:

“If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!”

What do you suppose Jesus meant by “if the light in you is darkness”… how can light be darkness? This is an “eye” opener… but to each mind there must be its own “AHA” moment… so ponder this. But here is a hint: observe the shadows and “see” the light that is darkness… or not light-in-itself.

You can never make the two one just as you cannot make your “self” into what you are not. Light and dark wholly displace the other. ALL attempts at resolve is futile because the darkness does not exist… neither does the light that is darkness exist. You can play any role you choose and as many as choose but you will never become them. All you can do is observe them from another place and project your “self” into the role where you are not. And for this there you will remain in unrest as unhappiness and you will try again with a reformation of the same old, believing it will “save” you.

All that need be done for salvation is to just let go of the “belief” that you are what you are not. Unfortunately, for most, they do not believe they are merely playing a role that is unreal and untrue. Also, to most “to just let go” is more fearful than the chaos and suffering, for they are familiar, giving a false sense security.   

Then there are those who have seen the light but failed to recognize it is their true “self” so they stay adrift in the darkness. They become the rulers of the dark more lost than those who have never seen the light … and teach others to do the same. Their words sound wise and they say what the desperate want to hear… for the soothsayers had a glimpse but allowed their experiential to conform to what was familiar… need. So they say things like “think yourself rich” and go even deeper in to the abyss of nothingness dabbling in all sorts of re-formations for their sensual pleasure and erroneous gain.

What can anyone gain when they are everything already? It is like adding water to a cup that is already full … superfluous and a waste. What exists that is not light? If not for the light how would you know? For surely it is easy to understand that you recognize forms only as the absence of light and what becomes of them when the light is present? Are they not gone as quickly as a shadow dissipates in the light? Who does not “know” that light and dark do not occupy the same space at the same time? Yet only if the light in you is darkness then the forms in darkness persist and here is the place of deception… the place where uncertainty needs but knows not what it lacks. Surely this must be like hell – where one seeks and never finds, ever filling a glass that was never empty.

Uncertainty of what you are is desperate and fearful place to be… “Know the truth IT will set you free!” And this is the truth: “You are the light of the world – created in the image and likeness of God”. As soon as you recognize this truth, even in “the twinkling of an eye”, then you are saved… because you have never not been the light!

Only in the light, as the light will you find the peace that surpasses ALL understanding!