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Righteous Kill Analysis the use of Sex and Lust

Let’s get this straight; Righteous Kill isn’t American Pie. It’s not a movie with a bunch of testosterone-overloaded college students who have got nothing to do but to see naked women, use lubes, and jerk around all summer long. Righteous Kill is movies about grown men – of men, who have stood the test of time, endured its challenges, have been hardened and numbed by experience, and have now emerged as men serving under the law with their own sense of righteousness and justice. These men put their duty and service of the law before anything else. They had faith on role models, and they strive to become an ideal, but in the case of one of them, he has lost that faith and he stopped trying to be his role model.

Righteous Kill really isn’t American Pie. Sex and lust and succumbing to it aren’t the center of their lives. This has been explicitly displayed by Turk (Robert De Niro) when his girlfriend, Karen Corelli (Carla Gugino) said that she would pass for that night. He seemed fine, he remained stoic, and he doesn’t really mind much. He’s just all right, unlike the probable reaction of a college student consumed by his over-excitement for sex.

The transcendence above the temptations of lust was also displayed by Rooster (Al Pacino), when he told Corelli that he wants her to have sex with him. But the truth is, it’s not what he really came for, he only used it as a tool to establish a little rapport with her and prepare her mind for the favors that he will be asking her to do. That is to help him in proving that Turk is innocent by taking evidence for them discreetly. That kind of use of sex is something that only grown men could do, considering that Corelli was almost somehow open to the idea.

Sex and lust are just at the sidelines of the story.

So what then is the purpose of sex and lust in the movie Righteous Kill?

Remember that one very important aspect in creating a storyline is that the characters should appear to be as human as possible. And the human life is multi-dimensional; a human has careers to work on, and at the same time, they have sexual fantasies they would like to fulfill, like in the scene where Turk suddenly grabbed Corelli like a kidnapper just to have sex with her.