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Review for its always Sunny in Philadelphia

Just recently a friend of mine recommended the show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.  After just seeing the beginning of it’s 5th season I have not stopped laughing and continue to laugh during every episode.  If you are a fan of idiotic behavior or slapstick comedy then look no further as Sunny delivers non stop comedy that at times can be to the point of over the top. However the show makes you think that the world does have issues whether or not we say anything about it in every day life. Sunny is that show that makes sure we are aware of the issues and puts their own little spin that is a real key to the success of the show and its ever growing popularity.

If your new to the show then not to worry it does not take a lot of time to get the idea of the show.  Which again is the brilliance of the show that at no matter what season or show you begin watching it is very easy to get hooked.  The premise of the show is about four people that own a bar in Philadelphia named Paddy’s.  The four owners of Paddy’s are Charlie, Mac, Dennis and Dee with additional help from Frank whom all are the the main characters of Sunny.  Dennis and Dee are twin brother and sister while Mac and Charlie are Dennis best friends from childhood.  Dennis is the college grad and believes he is a gift to the world by his very presence, while Dee oh poor Dee is always caught up with his brother and friend’s crazy ideas to either promote their little in significant bar or to just take a stand when the four are challenged with a issue. Frank played by TV legend Danny De Vito, is the father figure that claims to be the father of Dennis and Dee as well as Charlie who never knew his real father.  Mac is just Mac and the best description that you can give him is that he is someone that once he believes in something he will do anything to get his point across.  As for Charlie he like Dee get so wrapped into the others sometime insulting schemes, that he can get sometimes too far involved where he does not quite understand the power he posses and usually becomes victim of the plan more than the actual hero of the story.

As for the stories that come every week they are always thought of within the very first few minutes of the show.  So you do need to start from the beginning of the show or you will feel a little lost for example, why the heck Charlie is dressed like a green man or why Frank always seems to have a gun on him in every situation?  It all comes together in the show and by the end all five of the characters have been involved to where they even put their own lively hoods in jeopardy. The closest comparison to this show if you need a comparison still is is it would be like if all of the cast members on Seinfeld were on steroids. It is a fair comparison as well the fact that the show is on FX ,which gives the show more breathing room as far as explicit material and that is too crazy for non cable viewers, give the show its edginess that viewers fall in love with after their first couple of episodes.  If you need a break from all of the Reality TV or just tired off seeing the same stuff then look no further than “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” played Thursday at 10/9 central on FX.  Lastly be sure to check out previous four seasons on DVD as they will make that gloomy Saturday into a sunny one in no time at all.