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Review for Dinner for Schmucks

Tim (Paul Rudd) is a guy who is ready for the next big stage in his life.  Tim has a great job and really wants that corporate life to go along with his fantastic girlfriend Julie (Stephanie Szostak) who is not quite ready for marriage. However, maybe with a promotion like this one to the top, she might think why not now? Julie also has a taste for luxury as she is an assistant to a well known artist, who certainly has a strange side, Kieran Vollard (Jermain Clement).

Be careful what you wish for in life Tim? As the corporate life will make you do things that maybe you will regret later, but for sure will be a very lucrative move.  Enter the challenge for Tim, where he and his other colleagues for the new corporate opening is given a strange assignment, which they are to find the strangest and most interesting man or woman ever and bring him to a dinner for the boss to decide, who is the biggest schmuck.

Enter Barry (Steve Carell), a man obsessed with mouse dioramas and really the little things of life.  Tim runs into Barry by accident although is it coincidence when Tim starts to think “I may have a winner here?” Despite the morals of the situation and the reluctance of the idea from Julie, Tim decides to forgo all the feelings involved and bring this guy to his boss’s house to dinner and finally get the recognition Tim desperately deserves.

Furthermore, the film is full of schmucks and many like the one portrayed by Therman (Zach Galifianakis), a tax accountant who can read people’s minds who also is a self published author on the idea of mind reading. There are no guarantees for Tim and Barry and Tim may have gone a little over board as this in not going to be an easy decision for Tim’s boss as there is now some stiff competition as Therman is on the guest list.

The dinner is set, but will Tim lose his own sanity as Barry drives him crazy every minute they spend time together.  Will Therman be the ultimate dinner guest as a surprise hit, leaving Tim out to dry where he will have to accept mediocrity again? Will Tim somehow become a better person because of this crazy assignment? Will all this craziness be the end of Julie and Tim? All questions to ponder as this film will make viewers think the same as Dinner for Schmucks is worth the time.

“Dinner for Schmucks” might not be your “Black Swan” of the year, but if you like a witty comedy, this will certainly get you laughing and scratching your head as these guys are a bit strange even for two hilarious comedy actors like Steve Carell and Zach Galifianakis.  Paul Rudd makes a good lead character and viewers will connect to a character in the same way, which we always want a little more in our lives, yet at what extent are you willing to go to get that recognition. The movie is directed by Jay Roach, who is already known as a great comedy director and producer with films like Austin Powers and Meet the Fockers and he really gives this movie the topping it needs to be a solid and smart comedy.