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I once had a conversation with a friend that went something like this:

“Hey,’ I asked . Would you like to go with me to church?”

“No” came his reply “I’m not ready yet.”

Since we were friends and had known each other for some time I felt it would not be intrusive for me to ask him “why” and this was his reply.

“Religion is like food. Think of it! In every country of the world people have a special type of food. There are certain similarities to be sure, but each country has its own special twist which makes their food unique. Take for example China, Korea, and Japan. These countries all make what people commonly refer to as Oriental food and yet each one has its own set of spices and flavorings that make their version special. If you ask a person from China who has the best food they will probably say “we do.” And the same would hold true for each one, but whose to say really? I mean, isn’t it a matter of opinion?”

I was starting to get interested.

“Now, religion is like food” he went on.

“Everywhere you go people have their own “religion” Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, on and on it goes. Each religion has good qualities. And, if you ask the practitioners which is the best they will all, without hesitation say “mine is?” but who knows for sure? How can anyone lay claim to the best religion?”

“So” he said “until I have more information I’m not ready to decide so I’m just not ready to go.”

Wow, now that to me was a very good argument. And I’ll admit it had my stumped. I mean, what can you say to something like this? Is there any counter point you can come up with to over come this argument? But then a light went on in my mind. I had an answer that I felt addressed the real issue.

You see, it wasn’t that he wasn’t ready to choose, it was that he didn’t want to have to choose and this was his smoke and mirror excuse. The answer that I gave however dealt with a deeper truth then even what he expostulated.

“It’s true” I started “that every country has it’s own type of food. And each country while very similar to others in their food preparation, presentation, and taste has a unique style and flavor all it’s own. But, there is one thing you have failed to take into consideration” I stated with some amount of mystique.

“Now what could that be” came his reply.

“Simple” I said.

“Regardless of where you go in the world, no matter what country your in people everywhere have only one way to get food into their body – their mouth!”

“So what are you trying to say” he wondered.

“That’s easy! Like this universal truth of food consumption, man has only one religion right for him. It doesn’t really matter what all the people say, or even what you might think. The only true religion, the only right one, is the one that God endorsed.”

But therein lies the problem doesn’t it? I mean, which one is that? Can we know for sure? Well I believe we can, and I believe I do. But suffice it to say that you must come to grips yourself with certain obvious truths.

1) If God exists and he is good then does he want me to know him? Yes or no!

2) If he wants me to know him would he have a source of information which would give me all I need to reach that goal? Yes or no

3) Would he allow that source of information to become corrupted? Yes or no!

4) Would his religion adhere to this source? Yes or no!

If your answer is yes to these questions there is only one thing left for you to do: investigate and decide for yourself which religion you think is “the one” and immerse yourself into it.

If you answered no, then rest your mind, relax your heart and wait to see if your right.