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Reflections Pagan Mysteries

I’ve always had a strange fascination with the rare occasions of misty twilight. As night lady begins to wave her pin holed cloak over the sky and the mist rolls in from the river and up from the earth in the fields, then, as the sun goes down setting every wisp of the fog burning, in etheric blue and purple flames.

I can remember the pull that called me out into the foggy nights of my youth. In these times the world seemed to take on a different kind of mystery. The shadows were deeper, the night was darker, and the magic in the air felt like an electric current setting my skin tingling.

No matter which path I took on these midnight muses, I would always come to the same road near the end; a back street in the sleeping village where I would always see four willow-the-wisp looking orbs standing out in the distance, disembodied from their support by the fog. I looked for them every time I took these walks and no pondering or reverie was sharp enough to hold my mind when I would behold these orbs, even though I had already seen and passed them by hundreds of times in the past.

A bit closer and not so detailed dragons came into the vision, playing around the orbs in some sort of childish dance. And then finally the apparitions were grounded into reality by the long metal column leading down to the hidden earth.

It was a decorative light post that set in some stranger’s front yard as a center piece to a rock garden. Still standing there to this day, that light post comes to mind nearly every time I see a wisp of fog. I have not seen it myself for some years now which might be why the mist is the key to unlocking that memory, because what is a memory beside a wisp of fog that sometimes clouds one’s mind?

With this metaphor one might be able to unlock the mysteries hidden in their own mind. MistMystMystery

There is something elemental about such nights for those of you who subscribe to such things. The sun’s fire warms the earth sending water vapor into the cool night air where the spirits and memories play, setting the vision before our eyes in a perfect balance of the elements. We are able to visit this stage and walk with the elements as they frolic and play in wisps and ghostly form until, to some passer by, we too might be mistaken for one of them, a ghostly apparition, a wraith, sliding silently through the night, lost in our own visions and dreams.

It’s almost amusing to wonder what one might think at seeing such a figure, the in the shadow played fog. Have you become something more than just a late night wonderer in the mind of your onlooker? Where you really there at all or was it only a trick of the light? And will they look for you again the next time they too are wondering through the myst-ery that is our world?

Such theatricality and deceptions are powerful agents if learned and applied correctly. These are seeds of legend and myth, simple plays that can transfigure the physical into the ghostly. And as the shadows play a silent wonderer in the night becomes something more in the eyes and mind of any onlooker or opponent should that be the case.

In this age of logic and gritty thinking fear will come as the concrete mind of the age attempts to find focus and reasoning in what it just took in. A vision lost before the details are gained leaves only mystery, things the mind can not understand without such details. And often enough people will fear what they do not understand. Such fear clouds the senses even more, forgoing all logic and rational thought, until other apparitions are aloud to enter into the world of men and suddenly the night is full of all sorts of terrors.

Terrors that will change and grow with each telling of the tale until the world is over run with mythological creatures and entire histories are written about them. To some these tales will remain in the realm of fantasy, but to others they will become a cult like topic for discussion and play or even a spiritual path. But in any forum such things lay just beyond the realm of proof either for or to the contrary. These things will always be part of the mist and you will become something more than just a man or woman in the mind of anyone that sees you. This is the art of glamour where one can be presented in beautiful angelic form, or in the antithetical, a terrible thought.

*Expand on the theatricality and focus on how you present yourself to the world both in the myst and beyond. What do the eyes of the world interpret when they look on you? In the eye of the beholder presentation, appearance, and color schemes are the details that invoke the first emotional response. This first impression is always hammered into the heart the hardest and is a basis for your aura, the feeling one gets when you walk into the room or area.

*Expand on the metaphysical side and learn how to project the energies of your person, whether those energies are to calm, excite, or intimidate. Focus on your posture, your facial expression, your eyes, your stance, and above all your own emotions. Listen to your own heart beat and set its pace, for while the audience might not be able to hear your heart, they will feel it.

*Expand on the deceptions and know that the secret to invisibility is a matter of patience and agility. Always mind your surroundings and train yourself to take in every detail within the first few seconds. Know everything that you might use to your advantage and what will hinder you. Then, should the need arise or become useful, simply disappear and let the world starve for detail. A practice also used by warriors trained to walk into a room and find ten ways of disarming or even killing any potential opponent within the first ten seconds of entering using nothing but what is already in the room, including the walls or floor and what type of materials they are made from (brick, drywall, wood or tile for example).

Learn these secrets and you will find ways to apply them to everyday life, from going out to a bar to going to a job interview, from walking down a dangerous city street in the middle of the night, to walking in the countryside on foggy evenings.

You will undoubtedly find ways and methods to practice them during your normal everyday routine until it becomes a subconscious action that you are ever mindful of. From creeping around in the early hours to keep others from waking, to housecleaning, to taking out the trash at night. It will play in the back of your mind when you’re getting ready for work or to go out for the evening. It might even come into play when you want to get dressed up just to see the look on your lovers face or when picking out which outfit to wear the next day.

This is the kind of action and thinking that takes place when one moves on from simply talking about a path to actually living that path day to day. The path and the practices of that path become part of the mundane, they become a second nature, and they can be focused upon whenever necessary.