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Reflections does it have to be new Age or Organized Religion

As the new age has no temples or churches of their own, they are interfering and intrusive to the groups and religions they ‘take over’ in their zest for change. Does the church need change? I say so! Can this change come from interlopers? No, it requires a committed individual to make changes to any organization, when they find it wanting.

Old churches and those that will not move from the tradition and books of the past, will die out as new and innovative ideas replace the tried and tired. Being careful not to dismiss the good with the bad, we will find ways to inject a new breath into the church.

We can do this through the holy spirit at work in our lives. We can individualize our own spirituality so that we see it in others. Then we can take this spirituality and fit together with others in the community of church.

It may not be the same buildings and groups, but new and living spirit groups will arise and replace the old and tired. This can then be seen as the revolution at play now.

It might be considered…the groups that call themselves new age take over the old structures and give no consideration to working with them to upgrade. They take over their platforms to draw people away from the support. They are going to have to realize working together is the key to all change and evolution.

Any church needs its supporters to keep the church functioning and open. Drawing people away from the presentation, only empties the church and does not give room for change and growth.