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Reflections Christianity Completely Debunked

Christianity, like many other things, cannot be completely debunked. You cannot prove or disprove it. It is something you either understand or you don’t. Many have tried over the ages to debunk God and Christianity, but they have failed.

Was the earth created in seven days? I believe it was because God says it was. I cannot prove it was and others cannot prove it wasn’t. If you know the universe is expanding, you must know that going backward it would shrink back down to a beginning. That beginning was its creation. It takes just as great a leap of faith to believe in a seven day creation as it does to believe in evolution.

Does everything need a creator? God created the universe and created us. Was he created? Was he just always there? I don’t know, but I do know he created me, and that he loves me. I cannot create from nothing, but God can. Time will tell whether I am right or those who do not believe are right. I would rather have the consequence of my being wrong (nothing) than the consequence of them being wrong (hell). Everyone believes in something, whether it’s God or science or karma.

Satan was created perfect, but evidently, just as we are, he was created with a free will. Unfortunately, free will leaves us open to wrong choices. Maybe Satan was created that way for God’s purposes. I don’t know, but by faith I believe it is as God says it is.

Because God is perfect, Hell must exist. God cannot allow sin. He gives all of us a choice. We can have our sins blotted out by Christ’s perfect sacrifice, or we can choose to die in sin. What would be imperfect is a God allowing people who rejected him to get to heaven in their sin. All sin can be forgiven, God prepared a way, but not all people choose forgiveness. When they reject God, they choose to die away from him and go to whatever punishment that entails. Anything else would make Jesus’ sacrifice for naught.

Does the possibility of time travel mean there is no God? No, it doesn’t. Man has shown with numbers that time travel is theoretically possible. However, no one has actually been able to do it. If we ever are, I am sure that God would have something in place to keep us from changing history. I don’t believe mankind will discover the means of time travel so it will be a moot point.

If one quotes the Old Testament, finding violence will not be hard. It is full of it. That doesn’t mean God is bad. It means people are bad sometimes and sometimes innocent people are hurt by the choices of others. God is not a God of violence, but he is a God of justice, and sometimes that involves things we don’t like. My children didn’t like being spanked or disciplined, and some would consider that violence’. That doesn’t mean I was mean in doing it. It was an act of love to discipline them and teach them right from wrong and how to live well.

God loves the handicapped as well as he loves those who don’t appear to have any. Everyone has some kind of handicap, even if it’s only in their personality or thinking. But, in order to come before God, one needed to be perfect. Some day, even now this is not true. Because Jesus died for sin, the only requisite for approaching God is to be covered by the blood of Jesus who covers our iniquities and imperfections with his blood.

God asks us to do what we do with love and respect toward those who are over us. This doesn’t mean he hates us or that he thinks some are better than others. It means we should serve where we are to the best of our ability. That holds true whether you are someone’s servant or someone’s employee.

When Jesus tells us we must hate’ father, mother, he is not speaking in the human terms of hate. What he is saying is that serving God must come first over other concerns. It is not OK to allow others to distract us from our service. This doesn’t mean we don’t have relationships, normal relationships with them, it just means we put God first in our lives. I’m sure these words could be twisted by those who don’t understand them, but hate here is referring to in comparison to the love we have for God.

Sometimes religious people use their religion to justify war and other atrocities. This doesn’t mean God approves of that. Jesus wants us to live in peace if at all possible. Many have claimed to be “Christian’, and given Christians a bad name. This doesn’t mean it’s a right view of Christianity. Anyone can try to take random verses in the Bible and try to relate to them as a human being would think. This doesn’t mean the person is correct. It means s/he is human. In the end, Christianity cannot be proven or debunked. It takes faith to believe in what you can’t see with your eyes, but it seems to take even more faith to me not to believe in the evidence of God. In the end, one of us will be right. I am banking my eternity that it’s me.