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Reflections Christian Choice

Hello everyone and good morning, afternoon, good evening and good night or good- whenever this post reaches you. Do you have an old friend or friends that still stuck in the mood, stuck in the moment of the year 2000, 1999, 1995, or even 1985 for you older folks or even 1973… I can’t go no lower than that. But do you? Do you know someone that has not really come of age into being responsible and growing up with age. I was just thinking last night how can someone still be stuck doing the same old things as if they are still a teenager in Junior High or High school.

As I was having a discussion with someone last evening about this and, the lord spoke to me and gave me some insightful words to say… Many people know JUST from UNJUST, doing what’s right and doing what is wrong. But the key and the secret to change, is that one must want to change, and when one wants to change, one must accept it. It’s just like signing a contract; you see that contract, you know that it is a contract and you even read and agree with the contract, but that very same contract is with void if you don’t sign it! Just like changing ones life around; you see the need for change, you know that you need to change to better yourself, family, and etc. AND you want to change, but again, if you don’t accept it in your heart, the word of ALMIGHTY GOD, there will be no change in you. None what so ever people and that’s the reality check and the reason why so many people get stuck in the shadows of the past and can’t grow.

This happens to all of us, saved, unsaved, sinner or saint, there is always another hill to climb. Just when you thought that you were high and mighty, God says ” take your little butt on over yonder and climb that steep mountain over there and come see me when you’re done in two years.” In order for us to keep growing strong in God’s word we must continue to accept new words from the Lord. Meaning that we all have sin in our life, and areas where we are weak and areas where we are very strong, therefore we must work on the weaker areas by accepting God’s word in that area. The only reason you are weak in the area is because you are rejecting God’s word in that area. You can be saved, but still have a issue with being prejudice: therefore your weakness would be, not accepting the true love of God, because if and when you did, there will not be a ounce of prejudice in you. So lets pray for our family, friends and people that we know that haven’t even taken the first step and signing the most important contract of all, accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

In Jesus Name Always,
I’ll see you at the Heavenly Crossroads or the next time God gives me a word.