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Recommended Biographies for the Prophet Muhammad

For the average person, a biography is usually only written once. However, with the Prophet Muhammad, many have competed and still continue to compete to write about his life and times. It is rare indeed, that even after all these centuries, a man continues to hold such reverence and respect, as well as fascination. So much so that great writers continue to write the best and most-inclusive biography, one which includes his many facets as a successful human being; friend; husband; father; leader and statesman, as well as prophet. It was due to these achievements on so many levels that he was ranked as the number one most influential person in history in Michael Hart’s book “The 100: A Ranking Of The Most Influential Persons In History”. This is just a snippet of ongoing proof as to the historical greatness of this man, as well as to the revered position and influence he holds in the hearts of so many  today, and why the top biographies of the Prophet Muhammad below are certainly worth a read.  

Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources by Dr. Martin Lings

This biography is recommended as being among the best, if not the best available biography of the Prophet Muhammad in the English language today. It certainly receives the thumbs up from the author of this article, who praises this biography for its enjoyable and smooth read. It doesn’t read anything like a dense and boring biography, but more like a novel, but still retains the seriousness and authenticity of a significant biography.

Dr. Martin Lings provides a thorough biography that is based on the earliest and most authentic sources. He even includes his own translation of Arabic text that has never been translated before. A careful and scholarly amount of research is apparent in this biography, and there are extensive footnotes throughout – which lend credibility to sources and information used. It has received numerous awards and recognition for its excellent overview of Prophet Muhammad’s life. Another thing which makes this biography the best is the way it presents the biography without any apologetic or otherwise personal interpretations. It truly is the top biography to date in the English language about this great man.

The Sealed Nectar (Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum), by S. al-Mubarakpuri

This biography is actually a translated work from Arabic, but is still considered by many to be an excellent biography of the Prophet Muhammad. This particular biography received a first place prize from the World Muslim League in 1979. It was awarded the prize in a literature competition which looked for the best biography of the Prophet. It is informative with a professional layout, and gives a detailed account of the life of the Prophet. It certainly is among the best available.

Muhammad: A Biography of the Prophet, by Karen Armstrong

Karen Armstrong is the author of many religious books, spanning many different religious topics, as well as religions. Her biography of the Prophet Muhammad is an easy and very accessible read, especially for non-Muslims. She helps readers to see the importance of the Prophet and what he accomplished. It is very informative and easy going, although it may appear apologetic to some. It is perhaps also less detailed than some others. Nevertheless, this biography is good and worth a read, and is therefore included among the top biographies of the Prophet Muhammad in English.

Read about one of the most documented and talked-about men in history, the Prophet Muhammad. The above are some of the top biographies of his life in English, although there are many others in other languages as well. One of the very best ones however, has to be Dr. Martin Lings’ biography of the great man, based on the earliest and most authentic sources.