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Recognising our own inner Strength

Building a stronger inner life is more about recognising more strongly that you actually do already have this strong and real inner life, rather than trying to build it more and more only from the outside in. And yet the outer you is just as important as the inner you, and to fully utilise your complete inner strengths, you will need to strengthen the outer you as well. Paradoxically this can only be done by recognising and accepting first that you do indeed possess great inner strengths already inside you right now.

A stronger inner life makes for a stronger outer life, as it acts as an absorber of pain and a sustainer against feelings of hopelessness and the experiencing of outer hardships. It is like having a reservoir or a well of love and strength inside yourself in which to refresh yourself in. You can bathe in love, or take a cool drink of your real self and its truth and learn from its complete knowledge of all things, and so then the happenings in your outer life will take a back step, falling back into perspective.

The most important step is the one that you are taking inwardly. The outer steps lead to inward steps, and so never fear or think that you do not have the outer strength to take these inner steps, which are appearing to you outwardly. You always do have the strength to cope with every step that life or your inner self offers to you now. You always step up to the next step as and when you are ready to do so. But the truth is that this next step has always been strengthened for you and set up for you to take by your inner self already.

When seen like this as a part of the bigger picture and by actually seeing from this bigger picture, the currently held problems of your outer life do not matter nearly so much now. They will all begin to lose their sharpness of intensity. You will experience a lessening involvement in these your outer bodies created emotions and your currently held or believed in painful thoughts contained in and maintained by your outer mind when seen now in the light of soul, and by you now knowing of your soul’s true place within eternity as only ever being itself. This place is of course as a free agent of God, acting for God freely from only love, while remaining all the time still a part of God as well.

Your inner life is a form of your outer life as well. This means that all and everything is really only your inner life, but your outer life is like that tip of the iceberg that is visible to you in the physical worlds.

The inner life is an establishment of credibility for you of the reality of God. All inner life is reliant on God in its own way. Without God there would be no true inner life ever possible, or of course your outer life either.

A strong inner life is therefore dependent on firstly a strong inner faith and a complete trust in God and his processes of growth for you within the scope of his infinite love.

All inner growth is dependent too on love. All growth involves love. No growth is possible, that is a part of a sustaining inner growth, if it is not involving love within it somewhere.

What is inner strength?

It is really having the courage to be only ever yourself. You are your inner self, and when you have this conviction of knowing who you are as the inner being that you really are, your inner strength is fortified and your outer strength to be you is also then boosted with a certain confidence of connection. This reconnection to your inner being then allows the blending of the truth in your inner worlds to take place in relation to your status or position that is being held by your mind in its largely outer position in the lower or outer worlds.

The mind can never reach completely up to God, but the mind can be reassured and put at peace by being fed with love from your soul. The love goes into your heart and crosses directly to your mind, and this love is recognised by your mind as your truth and your mind is satisfied and no longer fights this truth as it feels the power of it coming from its deposit of love in your heart.

The love in your heart is a receptacle of God that holds your soul’s love as it passes it on down through your inner and outer bodies. The soul lives only as itself, but the other bodies also try to live as themselves until the inner strength of soul can come through as truth in its love that then supplants the ego’s own ideas that were being carried out within the mind, the emotions, and the physical bodies.

At this point your inner strength is then really strengthened because all parts of you then hold a part of your inner being now in a balanced position with all working together including even your ego. Nothing is now working against you, or working from a sort of oppositional opposing strength set up as an opponent against your soul, or from trying to operate from the power of only itself any more. You are reconciled with yourself to yourself and this is your real inner strength that you now live from and now finally own as your own.

Inner strength is always a sign that you love yourself. All inner strength comes from the amount of self love that you have for yourself. By loving yourself more strongly you can begin to recognise your strengths and that are strengthened by this very same love, and then your own strengths float to the fore or to the top of your heart, and join together to enable you to live on purpose your own purpose. All your inner strengths are really a part of your own inner purpose and love connects the two together, so that you can then use those strengths to achieve your purpose in your life.

This simply means that your strengths raise to the top of the love already in your heart, so that you then are able to see them and to notice them then with your thoughts and your mind. Recognition of these thoughts that are powered by love connects them together and the thoughts then achieve a strength that makes them then strong enough to be used by soul to serve your overall mission and purpose in your life.

The first step is always to strengthen your thinking like this, and to grow your love so that when you are then ready and strong enough you will be connected and presented with your true purpose. Your inner strength and proper timing and love must all combine to prepare you for this.

The transit between you growing in inner strength and your current position is all about strengthening your outer bodies in connection and in relation to your inner. The inner is always strong, but your lower bodies must build strength to carry your soul’s love and to pursue its mission.

This is what life is about. You are born in a physical body which you learn to largely manoeuvre and control. Then next your emotions must be mastered and finally your thoughts must be allowed to not control you, but you to learn how to observe and only follow the ones that serve the inner you or soul. Soul is the ultimate master of all the other bodies and must learn to control them in such a way that is only coming from a part of its love. Soul is experiencing love and learning to work with it and from it in a balanced unison with all of itself. This self includes all of its various bodies and its ego as well.

The lower bodies once brought into line with the goals of your soul, are then strengthened enough for you to recognise the real inner strength which in reality has been responsible for building this strength in your lower bodies, and preparing your lower bodies in order to bring truth to them. They can then serve your whole self, and give truth back to life and to God, by working now together in joint harmony of action with all of yourself.

Real inner strength is only achieved when you finally have real outer strength as well. This will only be achieved when you are living from a greater understanding of love, from experiencing it within its separated reality. This is the real reason behind creation, to allow love to build an outer body of strength for itself eventually as strong through experience as its own inner core and which of course is God.

The outer body of God’s strength is his creation of soul. In other words it is us. We are God’s outer body learning to utilise and fully function through his inner body of only total love. When we strengthen ourselves, we strengthen in effect God as well. All forever affects all else. We build a stronger inner life, when we love our outer life more, and as we understand how to love ourselves more and better, and when we love the part of us that is God, or in other words when we love God more. This confirms what the bible said when it advises us to love ourselves, to love our neighbour and to love our God with all of our heart, with all of our soul and with all of our mind.