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Reality TV Versus Reality – No

Does reality TV really reflect reality? Absolutely not. Reality tv is anything but reality. I must live in a very sheltered box, because last night at work I was unfortunate enough to catch a few minutes of Big Brother on tv during break. And this show is classified as ‘reality’ tv; but it’s not. How often in real, everyday life do you get the chance to live locked in a house with a bunch of sex crazed strangers. Sorry, I’ve never seen that ‘opportunity’.

When was the last time you, or someone you know; got stranded on an island and had to eat bugs and build shelter for immunity to ultimately be the last person still stranded on the island? Hooray, I’ve just won a million dollars for being stuck on the island. But I can’t spend it or share it. Why? Because I am the last one on the island. This sure sounds like reality to me.

There seems to be a trend that apparently started with Ozzy Osbourne and his dysfunctional crew. This trend allows us; the television viewer, a rare peek into that species of human we call celebrities. And wait a minute, we get to tour their huge houses (which we helped them buy), we get to see their awesome gas guzzling (and not very ‘green’) SUV’s. We even get to see how some of them have so many pets, they would loose them to the animal shelter for population control if they were a normal person. However, they are not normal people, because they are famous.

This type of show is even worse than the real-people-fake-situation scenarios. Why? More often than not, these celebrity shows are scripted. Don’t get me wrong, if I were Hugh Hefner, I’d walk around all day long with playmates at my side as well. However, do we really need to see season 6 of Hef taking his playmates out for their daily romps? Not really. Do we really need to see another wrestling star or rapper show us their dysfunctional families? Nope. Do we need to see that these people are trying way too hard to ‘look normal’ to the point of being superficial? Nope.

But one thing is for sure, reality tv isn’t going to go anywhere anytime soon. This is a tv rut we have been stuck into for a really long time now. And that is the reality of reality tv. When will it be over? But, just remember next time you’re locked into that house with a dozen Viagra addicted strangers. If you build an alliance, you’ll get screwed in the end. Much like millions of tv viewers who get stuck in reality tv every week.