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Reality TV the Bachelorette Ali Hunter

A bachelor went above and beyond to get some one-on-one time with Ali.

Were the bachelors bitten by the acting bug?

We’re down to 14 Bachelors, and Ali Fedotowsky has to start sending bachelors home. Tonight she had two one-on-one dates, as well as a group date. By the end of it three bachelors went home, leaving 11 in the house to start a whirlwind international courtship.

Host Chris Harrison brought in the first date card, for Roberto, reading: “Love is a balancing act.” And it started almost immediately, as a helicopter descended to pick up the couple.

 Ali chose Roberto, she said, because she had given him the first impression rose, and she wanted to know if he’s still the same as her first impression.

A helicopter touched down at the mansion, and Roberto and Ali climbed aboard. Ali, who has a fear of flying, had never been in a helicopter so she was sitting tight next to Roberto. She said, “Roberto is so protective, manly. He could be the guy for me.”

They exited the helicopter for a lunch on a rooftop building, the problem being the rooftop was in the building 100 feet away, 20 stories above Los Angeles. They had to walk a thin wire, holding hands to get to the other side. They kissed midway across.

When they reached the other side, the champagne flowed. Roberto said, “When I look into Ali’s eyes, it’s captivating. It makes me think of what could be.”

The only downside is that Roberto may be too perfect for Ali. He speaks many languages, Spanish being the first. “He’s a cultured guy, and that’s really sexy,” cooed Ali. But, she said she’s a little worried that she may not be pretty enough for him.

At the end of the date, Ali presented Roberto with a rose.

Next came the group date for eight of the men, and Ali wowed them. The Barenaked Ladies are launching a new song with a music video, and the men on the group date, along with Ali would be the song. As the song centers on a woman who can’t make up her mind, it fit the theme of The Bachelorette perfectly.

John C. had yet to be alone with Ali on an individual date, so he was feeling the pressure, then relieved to make it into a scene in the movie video. That is, he was happy until he found the scene he was chosen for left him with no contact with Ali. As he stepped into a bathtub, he stepped out. End of scene.

The opening scene for the video involved Frank which was tough on the other guys. As Craig R. said, “There is no doubt that there is chemistry.” It was a little bittersweet for the guys because Frank rubbed suntan oil on her back, and for her part. But it wasn’t a make out scene by any standard as Ali had to turn around and slap him soundly across the face. And there were many takes of the scene to the delight of the other bachelors. The following scenes where Ali had to act, cuddle or kiss with the other guys were horrible for Frank.

Jonathan who donned the itty-bitty Speedo to impress Ali on the last episode had a primo scene in which he got to kiss Ali. To the amazement of the other guys, Jonathan was actually uneasy about the situation. He pulled Ali aside and told her that if she didn’t want to kiss him, that would be fine. He would rather it be a real kiss, for the right reasons, first.

There were many takes, and eventually Jonathan broke down a bit, and got emotional, tearing up. Ali decided she needed to take the situation in hand because the other guys were laughing at him. The guys were all laughing at him. “The next scene I made sure to pull him in and give him a real passionate kiss,” Ali said.

At the end of the group date, Ali presented a rose to Kirk with whom she had shared a passionate kissing scene both during the video shoot. That theme carried forward when she had some one-on-one time with Ali at the wrap party in the hot tub. “I have been nothing but myself with her and she likes me for me,” Kirk said.

At the end, Ali hosted a wrap party to lighten the mood. She spoke with Chris L. aside as he missed the last group date and hadn’t been on an individual date. Chris L. opened up and told her about losing his mother. He didn’t tell her upfront that his mother was dead  because he thought it was too raw and too heavy. This time he explained his tattoo, his mother’s signature. He told Ali that after his mother died, he took a copy of her signature to a tattoo artist and asked him to recreate it as body art.

As Ali and Kirk smooched in the hot tub, most of the men had to move away. “I wanted to be the one kissing her,” said Frank. “felt like she was my girlfriend, and I was watching her kiss another guy.”

 Eventually the guys jump in the pool with Ali except for Justin. He feels at a disadvantage because of his injury.

The next day, prior to her next individual date, Justin decides to hike on crutches down the road to Ali’s house. Justin took matters into his own hands. He voiced aloud to Jonathan that he was worried if he didn’t lose the cast soon, his days were numbered. “I’m definitely at a disadvantage.” He didn’t get to be Rated R by being timid though, so he made a bold move and snuck out of the mansion to go see Ali at her place.

He brought photos of his family so she could see where he came from.  Like Ali, he came from a broken home and raised by his mother and grandmother. His dad lived six minutes away and wouldn’t come see him. As he got older he didn’t want to see him, so now he really wants a family. “I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I wasn’t” a daddy,” he told  her. Later, Ali would say, “It doesn’t surprise me that Justin came to visit me. He would do anything he could to please me.”

The next individual date, cut short because of Justin making a surprise visit to Ali, went to Hunter. “This is a make it or break it date for Hunter.  It’s time for me to dig in and see if there really is a romantic connection.” She admitted that, “the fact that Justin walked all the way up here sort of stole his thunder.”

Ali and Hunter spent a quiet night grilling at her home, then going in the hot tub. It was comfortable, but quickly looked like it was headed for the dreaded “friend” zone. She explained to a brokenhearted Hunter, “I just don’t know if there is a romantic connection. I don’t think I would be able to give you a rose tonight.” He was the first of 4 individual dates where the guy didn’t come back with a rose.

At the rose ceremony two more men were eliminated. Here are the results:

Chris H., 27, Vancouver, Canada, real estate developer. Rose!

Chris L., 32, Cape Cod, MS, landscaper. Rose!

Craig R., 27, Philadelphia, attorney. Rose!

Frank, 30, Chicago, retail manager. Rose!

Hunter, 28, San Antonio, internet account exec. Winner of second individual date. No Rose!

Jesse, 24, Peculiar, MO, general contractor. Rose!

John C., 32, WA, hotel business development.  No Rose!

Jonathan, 30, Houston, weatherman. Rose!

Justin, 26, Toronto, CA, entertainment wrestler. Rose!

Kasey, 27, Clovis, CA, advertising exec.  Rose! 

Kirk, 27, Green Bay, WI, sales consultant. Rose!

Roberto V., Charleston, SC, insurance agent. Winner of first individual date. Rose!

Steve, 30, Cleveland, sales rep. No Rose!

Ty, 31, Franklin, TN, medical sales/musician. Rose!

 Stay tuned for Monday’s (June 14th) show. The Bachelorette, ABC, Mondays at 8 p.m., EST.