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Reality Television – Proud

In all honesty reality TV has been good to me. You see being thirty years old I have seen the very first Reality show the Real World. More than twenty seasons later you can still catch me watching the newer cast members and even catching the rest of the spin offs Real World has created with it’s nation full of alumni.

Why do I like Realty TV? The best answer to this is that after many years watching countless sitcoms for example I love Lucy, The Honeymooners, even MASH as a child growing up with my parents Reality TV has sort of given us a mix up of what to watch. Now I do watch my sitcoms but it just seems these days there are five bad shows for every good one. However the same can be said about Realty TV as well but Reality TV gives us a lot of the same stories and characters but in a different format.

Executive Producers of Reality TV are in a way the same as your big network executive producers. They both have to deliver characters that are going to keep audiences involved and always tuning in again to see what happens next. Reality TV contestants are screened by thousands of questions and scenarios so that way the producer can for one, see exactly what kind of person they are and two they will find someone the total opposite of that and throw them both in the same room for the next three months in already a strange and unusual circumstance. In the end you get classic Reality TV.

Now being proud of something that involves, so many Reality shows is hard to give a defiant answer. Yes I do watch a lot of Reality shows but there a few out there that make me change the channel as well. It is fair to say that I love a lot of the classic reality shows but some of the newer ones are a little out of my league. For example Rock of Love is not something I try to watch every week. However every year when Big Brother comes you will not see me miss one episode from start to finish.

Reality TV is just like other TV shows out there you are either going to like the show or you are going to hate the show. It is really up to you whether you like it or not and with the variety these days it is hard to say that there is not a show for your liking. Reality TV is here to stay and people need to accept that and adjust to a new way TV is made. I know for myself I have just learned to adjust and take every good show with the bad and just say to myself that at least we have more options and do not have to watch the same kind of shows every day of the week. Last food for thought is you can judge a Reality show by the Executive Producer if it is someons like Mark Brunett or John Murray chances are the show will be above average in quality and if it is someone else you may be forced to change the station. That is my opinion but if you ask countless other who watch Reality TV they will agree with me 90 percent of the time.