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Rapper Ti is going Back to Prison for Violating his Probation

Rapper TI was arrested for drug charges last month and violated his probation.  The judge revoked TI’s probation and sentenced the rapper to eleven months in prison. TI was in prison for almost a year because of gun charges. He was released from prison about eight months ago on a plea bargain. TI was given three year’s probation and he violated his probation one month ago. TI helped police convince a man not to commit suicide two days ago, but this did not sway the judge’s decision in his case.

This is another case of a superstar believing he is above the law. Clifford TI Harris made a deal with the law and did not keep his end of the deal. The judge sentenced the rapper to another eleven months in prison as punishment for violating his probation. The gun charge was a pretty serious charge. TI was arrested in 2006 for the possession of three unregistered machine guns and possession of firearms by a convicted felon. TI probably would have spent more time in prison if he was not a superstar rapper. The judge’s decision on Friday was fair and just.

TI begged the judge to keep him out of prison and to get TI some drug help instead. What Clifford TI Harris does not understand is it was his responsibility to do this himself instead of getting arrested for drug possession. Hopefully TI will learn from this mistake. Hopefully he will learn that his status as a superstar rapper does not make him above the law.

Too many times, judges give celebrities a break because of their status. In this case, the judge finally put his foot down. The judge decided TI would have to go back to prison to pay for his mistake. Maybe when TI gets out of prison next time, he will make the right decisions in his life. TI was given two weeks to turn himself into authorities and serve his prison sentence.

Clifford TI Harris is still only thirty years old and has been in plenty of trouble with the law. He was arrested in 1998 for breaking Georgia’s controlled substance law. He also violated his probation with a marijuana charge. I am sure the judge looked at the whole picture and realized TI was going to continue violating his probation because of his drug use. TI promises this will be his last dealing with the law. Hopefully, he will serve his time, grow up and change his life. TI was working on his new album “King Uncaged” at the time of his arrest.