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Questioning the Logic of new Age Concepts

Logic or reasoning. Has it got anything to do with any religions at all, and in particular the New Age religions?

True religions are not based only on the mind, but must include the heart as well. This brings balance, and perspective to their ideas.

Some New Age religions, however have moved away from this balanced position of allowing input from all parts of a person, and concentrated their ideas only around our thoughts. It might be said that they are using logic to dodge the truth. Logic loses love when applied only by itself.

We are only our thoughts, they espouse. We can apply laws such as the, ” Law of Attraction,” to our lives, and bring ourselves enormous benefits, while at the same time fulfilling all of our own wants, they will often suggest to us.

We can change our thoughts to positive thoughts, and these positive thoughts will then attract more of the same back to us. Whatever we are thinking, we attract these same types of thoughts back to us. We are in complete control. We are God, they tell us.

Well logically this could never be true could it, but could it still be true never the less, in an illogical way?

Should we be questioning the logic, or the illogic of these New Age movements?

Is their illogical thinking actually logical in some weird paradoxical way, or does it remain really illogical as it appears at first sight to be.

A river is always a river, and a mountain always a mountain, and it is always only ourselves that will see things to be different than what they are, or not. In this sense, it is often we that are being illogical, and not our religion.

Is it logical then or not, for us to question the logic of New Age thinking?

Logically, there is no logic in any of this type of thinking at all. These New Age religions in their ideas, have simply grabbed onto their own invented laws in order to try to prove their own logic to themselves. Logic moves from a proven premise to another proven premise, and so New Age religions are not usually even using proper logic in the right way anyway.

This to me is why we can question their logic, because essentially their ideas are just not that logical, to begin with even, at all.

What are your own ideas about all, or any of this? Do you give any credence to the New Age ways of thinking, is it logical, and is God himself even always logical, for that matter?

Logical thinking is based on the laws of logic, and New Age thinking is based on the laws that they have either just invented, or that they have observed to be true. Usually the founders have created their own slant on old truths, or come up with something altogether new. Laws themselves never do exist. They are descriptions of the way things appear to be, but things change, and the laws must change with them.

It is illogical of these New Age movements to hold onto any of these Laws as being sacrosanct, and as being irretractable or immutable laws, in themselves.

There is only love. Love flows in infinite ways through its own oneness. There will always be new ways to flow, and new ways of describing its flowing, or in other words new laws will always keep arising, to better describe the current situation, exactly as it is.

Who could say that either side of this debate on whether something is logical, or needs to be questioned as illogical is ever entirely right, or wrong really?

The truth itself is never only logical, because truth must contain the love which powers it, within it. Love is not logical, nor is it illogical, love is only ever just itself.

At times there is a call for us to be illogical in our loving.

Was it logical for Jesus Christ to allow himself to be killed on a cross like that for us, for example?

God is not logical in the sense of his always following logical deductive time based reasoning.

No, God lives outside of all time, and his oneness is always oneness. Logic is just a small segment of oneness, and never permanently exists as such, being just a method that is only relevant because of our own time based thinking.

This means that logic involves the taking of a part of oneness, and then trying to relate it to another part, by establishing a logical connection to it, somehow. Time separates the parts, to enable this to be attempted. In truth oneness is always inseparable.

Everything is connected, and a logical connection is just one way of connecting, but not the only way.

The New Age movement jumps onto their one way of seeing a part of God’s truth, and so neglects the rest of the truth then, in order to highlight the logicalness of their own way.

There is nothing really wrong with this though, as we must all come to see truth in our won ways. This is living from our own part of God’s truth, in being our real selves.

The Law of Attraction describes a few instances of something working like this, but it can never describe all of oneness, and the way that it all works. This Law is not the law that governs everything else, as these New Agers will often claim it to be.

Logically this could never be so.

There is only love, and love powers everything else into its existence within God’s oneness.

Laws are only observed instances in which this love is sometimes working. This too is a part of truth, but there are an infinite number of other ways for love to be working for you. It is illogical to highlight only one way, and to neglect the rest. We must follow only God’s love, and we must not follow any other laws, at the expense of our following his love.

This is why we must not follow the letter of any other man made, or even natural physical laws.

Jesus Christ told us this, when he said that he has not come to fulfil the Law, but to make a new covenant or law between you and God. This is simply allowing the connection of love to fully exist between you.

When we do this, no law restricts us, not even the physical laws. Our faith in the completeness of love, allows us to do what ever love is guiding us to do, and to go wherever love is leading us to go. This is serving God, and doing his will. Enough faith can achieve anything, as Jesus again told us, it can move mountains for us.

Faith is not necessarily always logical when it is being linked to God’s love.

Questioning something’s logic, does not necessarily disprove that something can be done, nor that it is not the right, and the correct thing to be actually doing.

This is all about loving God, with all that you are. In other words, it is loving God, and as Jesus himself told us to do, with all of your heart, with all of your mind, and with all of your soul.

This is why New Age thinking usually limits its own self by trying to hold onto its own logic.

This is illogical, because logic is only a splinter in the flesh of God, and splinters do not always need to be removed, for all serves a purpose for God, and for his overall oneness.

Segregation of separateness creates logic, but then throws out the possible existence of person that remains illogical behind the scenes.

This is God, who are we to say that God must be logical at all times?

We can question logic, but the real question, is why are we questioning anything at all.

Questioning is illogical, and this is why we need to do it. Questioning will show us the fly in the ointment that we are applying to ourselves as given to us by these New age movements, that seem logical, but actually their logic is just a fly in the perfect ointment of God, and which is of course, his love.

Adding anything else back to God’s perfect love is illogical, and this is why we must question all such New Age religions that try to do so, by adding their own laws, and by trying to control the direction of our thoughts in any way at all.

Questioning the logic of New Age concepts will show us that nothing always has to be logical. Question all things, and so separate the sheep from the goats, and this means to see what is loving and what is non loving, and forget about questioning first the logic of something.

Ask first is it loving, secondly is it true, and thirdly, is it necessarily required, and so not just an unnecessary outer dressing, that essentially just masks and covers over the real inner truths.

Questioning logic, is sometimes good, but at other times it can lead us away from seeing the illogical real truths that are paradoxically being hidden behind this screen of unbalancing logic.

There is a time for questioning, and a time for believing. Let us all strive to be always perfectly balanced rather than always only ever looking for the logical in our approach to life.

Love is often found in the ” illogic ” of our emotions, and not so often within the logical reasoning of our minds.

Logic is the assertive pushing past itself to yet another connecting conclusion. Logic is never the whole truth, because truth never connects only logically. Love connects in all ways, including the illogical. In this sense, anything can be labelled as being logical or illogical, and so all is really only ever just as it is.

Questioning logic, is merely showing to ourselves that we are using our minds, and not our hearts.

We need to feel the truth of these New Age religions, and not just try to logically prove their concepts to ourselves in one way, or another, from our minds.