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Purpose can be a complicated and nebulous term. It can be very difficult to discover but it is easily felt when it is missing as well as when it is found. Many of us go through life with unfulfilment, dissatisfaction, an ache, gnawing internal pain and emptiness because we have not discovered purpose in our life. The first step to finding our life purpose is to first define what it means to us as an individual. In life we can only have what we understand and we can only receive up to our level of faith, risk and work we are willing to invest. In other words we can’t have what we disbelieve. Therefore we must comprehend and believe in the concept of purpose. There is more to life than going to school, getting a job, retiring and dying. You must believe you were born for a specific purpose. There must be “a something” you were placed on the earth to do within your life time. It is up to you to discover and pursue that something.

A life that works is one that is simple. As we ponder on the subject of purpose it can make us feel like a failure. This can cause us to live our life with no sense of urgency or meaning in the thing we spend our life engaged in. Finding our life’s purpose is to infuse life into our life and to bring our actions alive. Purpose releases us from just existing and helps us transition into living our life as opposed to loosing it.  

The simplified definition of purpose is to express your life with intention, not living by chance and investing determination in all our efforts to achieve a specific positive result. Now a decision needs to be made to live life filled with purpose or live a life filled with problems. A life of purpose makes problems ordinary but a life without purpose makes problems overwhelming. As we discover purpose our problems will never be bigger than our life. This allows us to think about our lives seriously. This is important because living purposely is an ongoing challenge due to the struggles we face in the family, personally, socially, financially, professionally and most important spiritually.

Finding purpose is not about where you are at this moment but it is about where you are going! There is a reason you are experiencing results that you do not desire at the present time. If you are in a difficult marriage, dead end job, debt, emotionally strained etc. You must  learn the lesson required before you can lawfully move yourself closer to purpose. No matter where you are there is a reason for being there don’t ignore it by running away or becoming complacent.

The things you learn will be the knowledge you need to find your purpose and to remain on track with where you are going with your life. Success or failure contributes to your life by adding value to you as a whole person. Evaluate your current situation don’t neglect it or take it for granted, think about it seriously; because purpose provides the energy and vision necessary to get you through and keep you going. Purpose establishes balance and helps us diversify successes and failures which soften the blows of disappointment.

Finding purpose requires thought because it helps you take action to create the result you want in life. Here are some things to think about when we are on the hunt for purpose:

Think about expectations of how things could and should be. Ask yourself what is my purpose? What is important in life? What gives life meaning? What do I want to accomplish in life? These questions affect everything else in life. Our purpose should be our motivation for life. Everyday we live we are 24 hours closer to death therefore we should not waste time doing things that are not a part of our purpose.

Think about a plan to ensure you stay on purpose. It should integrate your goals and values into your approach to life.

Think about your God given talents, gifts and strengths. Every person has these and they should be used to find your purpose. This is a focal point of developing the confidence to live a life of purpose. Remember each time a mistake is made, a problem solved or a goal is accomplished. The talent, gift or strength you possess is used or not used. You have been equipped with the tools to find your purpose.

Finding our purpose requires a love for our self as a person and a love for life itself. Not only will you become more positive and creative you will feel less stress and frustration during the struggles of life’s journey. A life of purpose is obtainable for all who pursue it.