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Psychic Ability Spiritual Psychic Contact Enhance your Psychic Ability Brigid Bishop

Everyone is born with the natural ability to be intuitive, or “psychic”. Enhancing our psychic ability is an ongoing process for many, but new and unfamiliar territory for numerous people. In order to effectively enhance your psychic ability, you must first understand what the word “psychic” actually means.

The word “psychic” is defined in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as of or relating to the psyche.

Exercise One

This exercise pertains to the psychological aspects of psychic energy. Observe the body language of those around you carefully. This exercise should be ongoing for a period of at least one week. Subjects observed can be your children, your mate, your parents, your coworkers and strangers you pass in places such as your local mall. When observing interactions take note, are the bodies rigid (tense) or relaxed? Are the hands at rest during communication or are they flailing around indicating excitement or agitation? Are facial expressions tense or relaxed? By observing body language you will learn to discern what is on a person’s mind as they communicate with others. Are they open to listening (expressed by relaxed and open arms), or are they closed off (arms folded across chest)? Spending time in observation of body language will help you to enhance your psychic abilities and to listen with not only your ears, but your eyes as well.

Exercise Two

Building your listening skills is an easy and natural way to enhance your psychic abilities at the psychological levels. When people are talking to you pay attention to not only the words that they are saying, but also their choice of words and their intonations as they speak. Where is the emphasis in there speech patterns. People rarely say or ask directly exactly what they mean, but leave much of their communication to inference. What is the person in front of you really trying to say or ask for?

Exercise Three

Tapping into your own subconscious thought is an excellent way to enhance your psychic ability. Keep a Dream Journal. The most effective method of Dream Journaling is to keep your journal at the side of your bed and immediately upon awakening write down any and all thoughts that return to you from your last night’s dreams. You need not take time to describe the dream in detail at this point, but write down any people, places or things that were significant in your dream. Any objects that were in the dream should be listed, along with colors or sensations of smell, sound, light, dark and so forth. When time allows, return to your journal and write out your dreams in deeper detail. Review your dream journal on a regular basis against events that occur in your daily life. A dream symbolism dictionary will be quite helpful with this process.

Step Four

Here we begin to tie the spiritual into the psychological aspects of psychic ability. Review your own religious and spiritual beliefs and try to expand upon them. Dependent upon what your core religion is, take the time to delve a little deeper into it. You may want to also study up on other religious sects that interest or draw you to find what it is about that spiritual path that interests you and perhaps encompass it into your daily life. Find your Higher Power and take the time to tap into it on a daily basis, even if it is only as simple as a daily prayer or the lighting of a candle with the intention to bring you inner calm.

Step Five

Meditation is a good tool to use when trying to clear your psychic channels. Find a quiet spot in your home where you can sit in a relaxed state, dim the lights and light a white candle. Sit quietly and contemplate the candle flame, allow your mind to wander and take you where it will. At first you may have your mind fill with thoughts and memories of the past, but as you make this part of your routine you will then begin to find a place where your mind is totally at ease and you are actually not “thinking” you are just “being”. In time, you may begin to find psychic inspiration in this state, a form of enlightenment.

Step Six

Psychic and intuitive ability is inherent in all of us. Learn to trust your intuition. When you get that “fight or flight” response in your physical being, your intuition is telling you that there is some type of danger surrounding you. Learn to listen to it. When making decisions, if you have that sick, unsettled feeling inside, trust your intuition, that is your psychic ability telling you to make a different choice. Similarly, when you feel good, when your decisions bring you a sense of relief or optimism, follow that intuition. Learning to trust our intuition while our logical minds argue against it is one of the most difficult tasks in developing your psychic sense.

Step Seven

Choose a divinatory tool to study such as tarot, astrology, the runes, scrying or automatic writing. Working with any one of these tools, which are designed to be divinative in nature, can help you to build confidence in your own psychic ability. Record your earliest predictions and review them on a regular basis.

Step Eight

Practice using your new divination skills with friends and family. Even the most conservative among us cannot resist a free tarot reading from a trusted friend. Often it is easier to use our psychic ability on someone else than on ourselves. Psychic contact of this nature with others will begin to build a sense of confidence in your own ability.

Step Nine

Practice some type of cleansing ritual on a regular basis. Our psychic channels can become blocked by the daily psychic sludge we accumulate when interacting with others, energy is transferred each time we interact with someone, each interaction is a “psychic contact”, so it is wise to try to protect our own energy with regular cleansing. A bath in sea salt available at your local grocer is a simple way to cleanse our energy on a weekly basis.

Step Ten

Being more in tune spiritually will naturally lead us to being more psychically aware of our surroundings. Hone your psychic abilities by repeating and reviewing steps one through nine on a regular basis. As our psychic abilities increase, our need for spirituality grows, and as our spirituality grows, so do our psychic abilities.