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Pros and Cons of Practicing Black Magic

The use of magic, whether it is with good or malicious intent, has been considered a black art for centuries. This belief has become more common with the rise in the popularity of Christianity. However, not all magic is black magic. Black magic is categorized by method and intent. Generally speaking, black magic is used with malicious intent and intends ill will to the target. The driving force behind the use of all black magic is a hunger for power. The human thirst for power is a common theme in the legends of many religions and cultures. One of the most popular and well known examples took place in the Garden of Eden when the Serpent tricked Adam and Eve into eating the forbidden fruit.

The Serpent claimed that in eating the fruit, they would be as gods, knowing good and evil. Because of this, snakes are regarded by magical circles as symbols of wisdom. The ultimate ambition of a black magician, taken to the furthest extreme, is to be as a god, with perfect understanding and control over the forces of the universe. Most black magicians do not begin their practices with the intention of using black magic. In order to be a master of the universe, one must have understanding and control over all of the forces therein, both good and evil. One must understand not only punishment, but also mercy—not only retribution, but also forgiveness.

Black magic is essentially rooted in the darkest levels of the mind. Perhaps this lends hand to the intrigue and mysteriousness of black magic. Many people who dabble in black magic are simply curious. However, this curiosity ultimately stems from a desire for power. One of the most well-known black magicians in the history of magic is Aleister Crowley. In his journey for power, he became the wickedest man in the world, fully given in to demonic possession.

This is the ultimate risk and con of practicing black magic. Many black magicians invoke demonic forces to carry out their will. Witchcraft often implores the assistance of the Devil Himself. When exposed to these powerful forces, the magician ultimately finds himself being controlled by these forces rather than controlling them. As a general rule, even those who actively practice magic will give warnings against the use of black magic. The benefits of going down the Left-handed Path are not worth the risk of losing one’s soul.