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Pros and Cons of Marriage

The Pros and Cos of Marriage

Marriage has been labeled as the “end of life as you know it”.

A person can feel tied down, not being able to date or fool around with other people. Having to consider your partner you aren’t able to do anything you want anymore.

Before getting married there are many things that should be considered. By talking together about these important issues you both gain knowledge about your partner and both will have a better understanding of each other.

Do you agree on your views of money. What are both of your goals, dreams and hopes. What about having children, when and how many. Is there baggage that needs to be dealt with before your marry. Then of course how do yo know that you are both in love with each other. It is easy to say those words but meaning it is harder to do. Also how do you know your in love? I think it’s something you feel deep down inside you. You can see it in the “little things” you do for your partner.

Aside from all of the scary negative thoughts a person has about getting married there are pros of getting married. You might find that you don’t wan to be away from your partner, or miss and think of that person while you have to be away. Sex is also better and more powerful when your in love with someone and bound by the sacred ties of marriage.

People have been known to live longer when they are married. You might experience a sense of great happiness and a deep satisfaction that isn’t found anywhere else. You look foreword to the more gentle things in life. You build roots for yourself, your children, and their children.

I sometimes find myself daydreaming about the childhood wedding I wanted to have and realize that it is great to have that but if that is all we go on for deciding to marry what do we really know about the person we are marrying? Have we really taken the time to see if we belong together. Do we see eye to eye on things or will we find that we disagree on everything, causing more problems than we can handle. I believe that people should take couples class so that they are realistic on truly knowing about their partners and are marrying for the right reasons.

Marriage is sacred and should be treated as such. One thing I have learned by researching how to have a and keep a strong marriage is “Go into the marriage with the thought that divorce is not a consideration”. Marriage today is just a revolving door. Where did the love go? I love reading old romantic western books where you marry for love you find the “one”, and you live happily ever after. But marriage is not based on a book, it should be a well though out plan to share your life with someone, and all that life brings, together. Life should be more manageable when you have a loving and committed partnership with your husband/wife. When things fall someone will be there to lift you back up.

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