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Life has a way of testing your faith in yourself and your dreams. The most common way for life to test you is through crisis, challenges and struggles. No one likes being challenged by life but I have come to realize that the challenges are necessary for us to develop into the person we were meant to become.

I have learned that every challenge serves to break up our established habits of thoughts and action. When you set a goal for yourself, the universe begins to work in your favor. The way you currently think will not move you towards your newly set goal. In order to get to where your wish to be you must think differently then you think now.

Thoughts are seeds you plant in the garden of your mind and conditions are the fruits of your thoughts. If you wish for different conditions, you must plant different seeds. So, your challenges, crisis, and struggles serve your higher good.

Without your crisis you would continue thinking the way you think now therefore getting what you’re getting now. If you always do what you’ve always done then you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten. That’s the problem, you don’t want that life anymore you want something different. To get that new life you must change your thoughts. So, never curse your crisis, they are gifts from God encouraging you to just have faith.

It amazes my when people complain that their problems are too many or that they can’t seem to get a break from all of the challenges of life. I always inform them that it is a good thing to have the problems that they have. I see it as a selfish way of thinking on their part. Your problems are not yours! They are given to you to overcome, so that you may help someone else who will be going through that problem later.

Also, we discover more about who we are in the middle of our mess. You really wouldn’t have a since of your strengths without your challenges and overcoming them. Life forces you to look at yourself and determine how you can grow into a better person. That’s what we want anyway, right? To be the best person we can be.

There is a story in the bible about a young man named Gideon. This story is a great example of how to use your challenges as stepping-stones to greater self-awareness. Gideon’s story is typical of many of our stories, Gideon and his tribe was constantly being attack and defeated by a more ruthless tribe. On day while Gideon was hiding from this ruthless tribe, he was confronted by the angel of God with the message Behold thy mighty man of valor and Gideon didn’t understand why the angel called him a might man of valor when he was being a coward. The angel explained to him that he was to go and defeat this ruthless tribe with God’s help. Gideon asked if there was a God, then why did He allow this to happen to him and his tribe? The angle told him that his problem was there so that he could become the savor of his tribe. In essence the problem was actually a challenge for him to grow into the man that God had intended for him to become. Without the ruthless tribe the real Gideon wouldn’t be discovered.

Without your challenges the real you wouldn’t be discovered either. So, why do we have theses challenges? So we can become the person that God intended for us to become. As long as we are willing to take the focus off of ourselves and place it on others then we will be able to see our challenges as gifts. But when we keep the focus on us then we see our challenges as problems.