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Prayer changes Attitudes

To say prayer changes attitudes, is a very general statement. I am sure that prayer in any case is capable of changing attitudes. However for Christians specifically, God calls us to “pray without ceasing”. When we do this, God sends His grace, and blessings our way. It really makes the difference in the life of the one who is participating in this awesome experience.
When i was first introduced to this concept, I thought “how do you live a normal life, and pray non-stop?” I figured that was for the monks, not the mothers with homes and half a million things to do. I didn’t even try.
About a year later a counselor diagnosed me with Bipolar disorder. My spiritual life had all but ceased to exist. I got out of the habit of praying in the morning and night. Within another year I didn’t even pray before meals anymore, and Church had become an occasional occurrence.Prayer was reserved for extreme lows in my emotional state, and were merely out of desperation.
Recently I was reminded that God desires constant prayer from us. I have found that this does not mean to be on your knees 16 hours a day. That of course would be acceptable, but unpractical. It resides in your heart. To desire conversation and unity with the Lord at all times is, i believe the calling. Every spare thought spent in prayer. Anywhere, anytime. Doing the dishes, changing a diaper, driving to work, waiting in line at McDonald’s, on hold for the phone company, if you can do it while talking, you can do it while praying.
Starting this habit by praying for God to guide your thoughts to him at all times, is, I think imperative. He sends blessings to those who seek Him with a whole heart. He answers prayers, and He will answer yours as well. If changing your attitude is what you pray for, you will get it. Prayer is the answer to my problem with bipolar disorder. Prayer gets me through the days when raising 4 small children is overwhelming. Prayer gets me through irritation, depression, anxiety, frustration, and many other things that most definitely affect a persons attitude. When I pray, there is a peace that nothing else compares to.
When prayer is forgotten, I find that i am constantly irritable, things don’t seem to work out as they should, life becomes chaotic as I try to go it alone, and feeling frazzled is an understatement. If it is left unchecked long enough, hopelessness starts to set in, and then depression. As soon as i remember prayer amidst the chaos, things start getting better, not always an instant healing, sometimes its gradual, like medication that takes time to work, only no side effects, and no chance of not working. You just have to keep taking your medicine (prayer).
Prayer has definitely changed my attitude. Prayer will continue to change my attitude until God decides its time to go home. All I have to do is continue to pray until then. So, give it a try. Will you let prayer change your attitude?