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Prayer Affirmative Prayer

How do you Pray?

If we think in terms of our thoughts being prayers to the Universe, we are always praying! There is, of course, absolutely nothing wrong with folding our hands, bending our knees and asking the God of our beings to assist you and others. Prayer in this manner is perhaps more beneficial for us. What we are doing when we pray for help, is turning our problems over to the Divine. There comes a time when we are so overwhelmed that doing exactly that, turning it over to God, is precisely what we need to do. We must be cautious however that during this time we are not focusing our attention on what we do not want to come into our lives. Very often when we reach a point of desperation and call out to One Creator to help, we are completely focused on the thing we do not want in our life.

The profit and Avitar Jesus told us that all we needed to do was “ask” and we would “receive.” He also said that before we even ask God knows what our needs are and is working to guide us in the right directions. He also mentioned, and usually mirrored for us that prayer begins with gratitude; gratitude that our prayer has already been answered! Remember the story of Lazarus for instance, before Jesus called him from the dead he thanked God for always hearing and answering prayer.

If this is true, if our prayers are known before we ask and The Source of all Creation is already orchestrating the events in the Universe to meet our need, shouldn’t our prayer reflect that?

Begin then, the way our Elder Brother taught us: In Gratitude. Be thankful for all that has appeared in your life, remind yourself of the Blessings that have shown up. Then give thanks for whatever it is you are focusing prayer. This then is followed by a statement of ” as if.” In this way you are “seeing” whatever your need is as complete, done, a part of your life now.

Lets say you are concerned about finances. A prayer might look and sound like this:

“Blessed Being, Mother-Father Creator, I give thanks for the many gifts and grace in

My life. I know I am your child and your child can only inherit all that is good and unlimited

Abundance in my life, and I am so grateful. I see now, that abundance flowing to me. Your

Goodness is showering me now. Money flows easily to me from expected, and unexpected sources. I receive more than enough to meet my daily needs. And so it is”
This simple prayer is a prayer of affirmations. You are seeing it done. You are welcoming the income from expected and unexpected sources. A personal story of unexpected sources involves a need arising in which extra money was required. The affirmation that income from expected and unexpected sources was aleady coming was answered as the mail arrived that afternoon. There was a refund check from my car insurance company for $600, apparently from an overpayment earlier in the year!

Changing the wording of how we bring about the needs and desires of our hearts will bring about results. Being in Gratitude for all you have and WILL receive, is key.

Jot down a few affirmations and post them around the house. Saying them and remembering them throughout the day will keep you thinking positively about the outcome you desire. After all, remember, our Thoughts ARE Prayers therefore, we are always praying.