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Practicing Christianity

Growing up I can remember sitting in the living room or in my parents bedroom doing devotions with my sister and parents. I remember having dinner together every evening and saying our prayers before eating. I remember laying in bed and praying before I fell asleep. I remember going to Awanas and Youth Group.

Now that I’m older and no longer under my parents roof, I question the thought of practicing Christianity. How much practice does it require?

Ever since I left home for college, my parents would call on Sundays to see if I went to church. My sister, four years older than me, would call on Sundays to see if I went to Sunday School so I could meet a nice Christian man to marry. And the more they called, the less I wanted to be involved in religion. The more they pushed and urged, the less I wanted to even hear about God.

My parents can be considered pretty conservative, and most of their conservativeness is always linked back to God.

I remember in Junior High wanting to go to school dances or the dances at the Ag center in our small town. My parents would only let me go to a handful growing up because they said I would go to these dances and begin to enjoy them. Then, as I got older the only places for dances like those were in bars…and I didn’t want to be in a bar because if seen by another Christian, I may cause them to fail in their faith.

I remember getting in trouble in high school because over lunch I would go to a “lounge” with friends because they had a chicken fried steak special on Thursdays. I was scolded for going to a bar and how being there, around alcohol, may cause another Christian to fail in their walk with God.

After I got the cartilidge in my ears pierced in college I was told not to come home with any other piercings or tattoos because it’s considered a pagan act…and pagans worship false Gods…
…on my 20th birthday I got a tattoo and on my 21st birthday my belly button pierced. This they still don’t know.

So when you practice Christianity, how far is too far?
When practicing, can you not be anywhere there is alcohol? Can you not be around others who smoke?

Throughout my entire life my parents have always told me what I could and what I couldn’t do and how doing some of those things are against God’s will and would cause another Christian to fall.

Where’s the line?