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Practical Paganism Cleansing and Blessing a new Home

A new home is a time for new beginnings, and even if you’ve lived in the same house for thirty years, a cleansing and blessing of the home will never go amiss. It helps to drive out any accumulated negativity and is useful as a basis for a fairly strong protection spell.

But first, what is cleansing and blessing? For the new Pagan, cleansing is to clear away any lingering energies which may not be in harmony with your own, and blessing is to ask the Lord and Lady’s blessing – and your own – to fill your house, make it your own sacred space and to bring into it only good fortune, positivity, and those who are welcome.

There are many ways to do this. Some witches will cast a circle and work from there, others will go from room to room, and there is a variety of tools and items which can be used. Depending what school of thought you come from, that will dictate what you use and how you work. This formula for cleansing and blessing is an old family tradition which is not really from any one system – it just came down the generations as something that is done when moving into a new home. You can adjust it, but, as presented, this is a piece of old-time hereditary magic that is effective, simple to perform and doesn’t require too many tools and items.

You need:

coarse salt – a big bag

 a broom

When starting, move from room to room, starting from the furthest point and sweeping all of the physical and metaphysical dirt out of the house. The more you work at it, the better. This is not a fairy dance, it’s hard slog. Sweat is good, and the more you put into this, the stronger your cleansing will be. As you work, focus on banishing any negativity from the room, the house, and the property. If you can, picture flames of white and violet springing up from where your broom has been to burn away any left-over dust and negativity.

Once you have finished the sweeping, put aside your broom, take up the bag of coarse salt and walk through the house again, in the same order, and throw a little salt in every corner and cupboard, and as you do this, feel thankful for the change that has allowed you to be brought to your new home and direct this gratitude to the Lord and Lady, and thank them for their blessings in your new home. 

You may wish to write this down, and script it like a sabbat circle, but it should be felt more than said correctly. Most of the time, the words aren’t even said aloud because the witch doing the saying is thinking too hard. Feel the cleansing and blessing, rather than act it, and your spell will be powerful and long-lasting.