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Pop Star Tiffany new Album the Color of Silence

Many people will remember the red-headed pop singer Tiffany from her 1980s pop hit of Tommy Jones and the Shondells remake of “I think we’re alone now”, or other titles such as “I saw him standing there”. Her songs made her an overnight hit wonder, and teens nationwide were begging to get her album.

Although Tiffany had thousands of teen based fan followers, after her 1988 concert music tour, when she promoted New Kids on the Block by taking them on as her opening act, many teen fans began to leave Tiffany in the dust and flock to worship NKOTB.

Much of the public eye saw through Tiffany’s fame, it was not attributed to her own talents. She never wrote any of her own music or lyrics, and her public image was a production of her controlling manager/producer. This is typical of most pop stars, they are promoted with manufactured images, songs, and looks to gain stardom and make money. Talent is not a “must have” in this industry, you just have to know the right people.

Tiffany claims that she wanted to leave the pop scene and live her life as a person, not a manufactured public personality. Although she wasn’t in the spot light for a long period of time, she still managed to make an impression on some of the public.

After over a decade, Tiffany is trying to make a comeback with her new album. Those adults who are sparked with the nostalgic feelings that come rushing back whenever they hear an old Tiffany song, may not rush out to pick up Tiffany’s new album. It just isn’t something that seems interesting anymore. It is better to have the memories from the past, and remember her in that sense, than it is to try to visualize Tiffany in a new way.

Many people are surprised to see that Tiffany has a new album out. Although it has not gained the popularity that her first recordings achieved, she is, none the less, much happier with the turn her career has taken.

Her new album has received rave reviews from unexpected sources such as Billboard. Her music tracks are composed of songs that she has written herself, and she explains that they are actually from her heart.

The title of the Album is “The Color of Silence” and it is one of the most popular downloads on emusic.com.

From the songs on the album she may be trying to target those 1980’s pop followers are now adults. It is not a teen album, it depicts some of the real feelings this artist has experienced throughout her life.