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Political Interpretations of Esther

“Now when the turn of Esther was comes to go in unto the king, she required nothing. Beautiful adorn Esther obtain favour in the sight of all them that looked upon her”

The king required no payment, because she had done what she was told to do.

This was her day to make a bold statement in the political arena. Esther 2.15

This was Esther dream night, the night that she had long waited for, one night with the king would change her entire life. from rags to riches. from hope to glory.
One night with the king, just one hour with the heavenly king of kings can change your whole life, and give you peace, something that you perhaps have never thought about for too long, but secretly you have entertained the idea, and have toiled with the emotions, now for just one night of careful thought for your life, your world can be turn upside down, instead of war in your homes it can be peace with your children serenity with your spouse, reconciliation with friends, faithful to a cause ,King David said is there not a cause, you can have perfect peace, because he who lives within you brings settled peace. This kind of peace the world did not give you and it can’t take it from you, “my peace I give unto you not as the world gives”. To everything there is a season. You will discover that there is a time of war and a time of peace, a time to hate and a time to love, a time to give and a time to get. It’s your turn to get a real blessing.

From a peasant to a queen, from a pauper to a prince, from rags to riches, there are too many of Gods people living below the poverty line, you need to be taught how to get hold of your blessing, seed time and harvest , God wants you to be prosperous, in all areas of your life, as you read your bible this picture is clearly Bourne I pray that thy soul prosper, health and soul.prosperity everywhere Jesus went he pull down the kingdom of Satan, which consisted of sickness, poverty, disease and death, Jesus kept restoring back to life, back to hope, bringing a sense of order and justice to your life, he wants us to be in good health, he wants you to be set free from curses to blessings free from family curses of divorce and poverty, from tradition to present day living. From the sluggard to the worker, from dishonesty to ethical, from bad time keeping to good time keeping,

The kingdom of God suffers violence and violence takes it by force, you are going to have to do something for God that you have never done before, if you want god to do something for you that he has never done before. Reach out and up and pull your blessing down, that promotion that you should have had is still there why not put in for it, that tax rebate is still there, your half of the house money is still there, that novel you wanted to write, that poem, that song, that limerick, your eyes are like the pools of arbor’s, why not start chapter one, that office in the church you want to work in, why not speak to your pastor, that car you have long for can be a reality, if you redefine your budget correctly, your blessing is right on your door steps, reach out and touch the lord as he passes by, mordiciah thought very highly of his niece, what do you think about your niece or nephew? if I bless my niece I am going to be bless too, if you bless someone today you are going to get a blessing someday soon,

Esther also had nobility, something of value, great worth, willing to listen, faith cometh by hearing , hearing the word of God, thus saith the Lord you have sold yourself for nought , but you shall be redeem, for a little moment I hid my face from you but with everlasting kindness will I gather you, though your sins be as scarlet they shall be white as snow, the parch ground shall be a pool, thorns and thistles will have to Go in the name of Jesus, I am coming out of the tomb, I am cut to pieces , I need cleaning up, my demeanor’s is sad, my fragrance is stale, but I will have fresh ointment, my horn shall thou anoint like the horn of the unicorn, I shall be anointed, praise God I am coming out , my hair will grow again, and if my hair grows then my strength will return, I will look good, esteeming the reproach greater riches, to under go rigorous beauty therapy to put ambition before pleasure, be on time for an appointment with the king , this night could change my whole life, presentably, right type of clothing, a smile upon my face, I will ascend to the heights of royalty, adding faith to faith patience to patience, virtue to virtue, my will speak out with my lips, what is down in my heart, if these things be in you they will make you neither barren nor unfruitful

from culture to a shock reality, my culture is Jewish, but I want to be queen of this foreign land, I must change my way of thinking, be far more open minded, you are not the only person going through trouble, and you are not the only person that believe in God, so make the transition from religion to a relationship, from death to life, from hopeless despair to abundant hope, the word declares ” if in this life only we have hope we would be of all men most miserable” Isa 61 ” the spirit of the Lord is upon me, he has anointed me to bring good tidings, to bind up the the broken heart, men have broken your heart, women are known to have fled in terror from abuse and violence, but God now wants you to have beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, and a special garment for the spirit of heaviness.
So my hope is built on the solid rock, which does not shift like shifting sand, it will withstand the storms of life, when all around me my soul gives way, he then is all my hope and stay. On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand


It was Esther’s destiny to be chosen for such a time, and now this is your time, your day, which is the day of grace to obtain favour

The king love Esther she pleased him, making herself appealing, presentably, not a shame to be seen with ,the king loves you, with a special kind of love, selected from many other choice, he could have chosen somebody else but he choose you, what did you do to merit his favour? If you want god to do something different for you, then you must do something different for God, he loves you like the apple of his eye, but do you love him, like the fruit of life? Have you made yourself presentably today by way of prayer, has he cross your thoughts today? Or were you just too busy to contemplate a moment of heavens glorious king, do you even know him; have you looked into the mirror of his divine word this day? And his divine favour, can you say as the lord lived before whom I stand.

Esther obtains grace and favour in his sight, unmerited grace that she did not worked for and he set the royal crown upon her head, you are a chosen generation a royal priesthood, peculiar people to show forth his praise
Christ is tired of girlfriends he wants a bride, will you be in the bride or will you not? Could you fulfil that lofty position, was it on in your mind to do something wonderful for god, he will work upon the desire of your heart, where is your heart today? Hope it’s not on the things of this world, one night with the king can change your life.
Favour is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, if your boss has favour upon you how will it effect your behaviour, and your position in the company, thank god he sought me and he bought me, I am now an heir of the king and have great advantages, situation does not control me, I can reach the top, because mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord, adversity will come at me one way and flee seven different ways, I will roll with the punch, and sway with disaster, but they will not bring me down, because I have high hopes, Jesus said come up higher. Rev 4.
Your turn is coming to go in unto the king, time and chance happen to all, its your turn to be bless, “bring ye all the tithes into the store house” Prove me says the Lord, if I will not open the window of the storehouse, there is a house full of blessing upon the top of a hill and there is a window waiting to be open so God can pour a blessing for you, can you see the rainbow, in the window? Remember the covenant.

God remember your covenant to Noah, no more disaster with rain, but showers of blessing, no more speaking of dying but living, turn your mind to positive thinking.
Will you be ready when your turn come, the worse thing could be, you out of place when your blessings is in your place, in season and out of season, and not ready when your name is call, because you could be cooking another pot. There is poison in your pot, but seek ye the kingdom of God, and all things shall be added to you.

Ruth gleans in the field of Boaz, she was a stranger in a foreign land, but she had ambition to go far, where is your projection today, can you see beyond today? one night with king Jesus, tell him all about your troubles, he will hear and understand, the near kinsman redeemer, is passing this way, there is a shout of a king in the land, who wants to favour somebody with his kindness and love, Ruth was told by Naomi what to do, how to dress, how to wash, preparation in the heart is of vital importance if you are to receive the blessing that you long for, one night with the king, can change your whole world, may be your old world was in a real mess, life has dealt you a bitter blow, and there seems to be no blessing on the horizon, each day is fraught with danger, nights are restless, there is no job satisfaction, I have thought the worse of my life, I just do not fit in, but children of the king, God has promise you a rainbow, and he will honour his word,” whatsoever thing you ask the father in my name believe and not doubt you shall have it”, Luke 10.

A new world of blessing, why should you accept less when you can have the best, sisters, you do not have to take a pauper, into your life, when there is a prince right on your door step, God wants you to have the best, a tall dark and handsome person with with mental and spiritual qualities, someone who will compliment you, and treat you good, gives you confidence in the driving seat, make you feel at ease even when you are blushing, man was never intended to live below the standard of his sinful nature.
Boaz was frank and honest”, I will do the kinsman redeemer job” but there is one nearer than me, I will put the case to him first,
Cast your mantel upon me and cover me, protect me, Ruth said, love me for who I am, I glean in the field but, I do not belong to anybody, I am not cheap, because I will wait for my blessing, my time will come, my change will come, my night of delight will come, darkness of gloom will be over, there will be a smile on my face and a song in my heart, he brought me to his banqueting chamber and his banner over me was love, saw he whom my soul loved,
Weeping may endure for a night but in the morning joy cometh,
One night with the king will make you a queen, vashti was depose and became a by word, but your God is going to put you in favour with the king; he will make you appealing, someone to be well desired.