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Police Work and their Portrayal on your Local Cable Network – No

The ordinary police drama as portrayed on your and my cable networks are influenced by police science and activity. The forensics, the lab scenes, the operations departments do not need to watch cable television networks to do their work. .Fortunately it is not the other way around. The police are able to do their work without watching a cable television show. Or it might be like this the next time that you call for help. ‘Hello Police Department I need a policeman now. I’m sorry Ma’am he’s busy watching a cable television show to find out what to do’.

The scenes portrayed are the direct result of directors using actual police scenes and labs. You begin to recognize the environment. Although we must say that the dissections are getting more and more graphic and vivid. Maybe that is when you use the remote to channel surf until the view gets better. We learn about detective work. The difficulties faced in determining a valid suspect for the crime commited. The suspects brought in for questioning. The interrogation methods used. The frustration seen when law enforcement cannot adequately get the right answers. The leads that don’t pan out. Oh well, we had better try a different tactic. The cautious approach when going after a suspect location. The guns drawn. The approach methods. The silent nods ‘okay you go ahead. I’ll cover you’.

The finding of an address for a possible witness. The tactical manner in which a witness might be interrogated. Don’t push too hard. Don’t accuse a witness. It only makes them clam up in the fear of getting too involved. After all it is their home environment that you are in and they have agreed to your questioning. They might be trying to cooperate or not. You’re not too sure of this. Are they being cagey. Might they be involved in the crime itself. The looks and silent head motions and nods between the investigating detectives. Your own partner how much can you rely on him or her as the case may be.

How is the case going, do you have any leads , this from your superviser who has to answer also to his superiors. What can you tell him. ‘Not yet’ always falls flat. Will the case ever be resolved you might begin to wonder. What type of relations are there between the two detectives, more often than not a man and a women. The public really wants to get into this one. Romance is always a good topic. Of course there are many good teams made up of two women and rarely two men. How does the director portray them.

Perhaps this will convince you that Law Enforcement should stick to their work and cable shows to theirs. To inform and entertain to bring you the most realistic portrayal of Law Enforcement is the work of your cable network. And to catch the bad guys is the work of the policeman and detective who are specifically trained to do this work.