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Police Dramma Influence Rules – Yes

In this debate one has to look back at the cold war and propaganda. Back then shows that made American citizens happy were broadcasting from stations sitting right along side small Communist countries.The Federal government believed that when all the residents  of those countries got to watch shows centered around freedom their sense of behavior would be changed. They would start seeking a democracy and rebel against Russia. The television was used as a psychiatric weapon designed to avoid a nuclear war. With that tidbit of history in mind it is easy to understand how TV police dramas can effect the way real police and criminals operate.

Just about every off duty law officer tends to watch crime drama TV shows in their spare time. It kind of thrills them to watch some criminal getting beat up. Even though no TV viewer is actually doing anything in the real world people that are deeply committed to their profession enjoy watching characters cope with the hassles they want to avoid. Officers in small towns can enjoy watching how big city cops can solve every crime. It is enjoyable to watch the TV show characters use some Hollywood equipment that is either unavailable or hasn’t been invented yet. The living room television can make them all joyful as they watch the primary criminal get shot down.

On the other side of the street just about everyone with criminal inclinations enjoys watching some crime dramas on their TV. That is because watching those shows allows them to get into the kind of character they really desire to be.  Even though most of the criminals get cought on screen watching it happen allows new criminals to learn about every thing that will get them busted. Hollywood truly opens their minds as far as evidence goes. When they catch a show about some murderer that is almost impossible to catch they get to learn some tricks to use on their own. Hollywood has even instructed rappers about wearing a condom to avoid getting prosecuted. Shows like Law and Order have shown murderers how their DNA can be picked up when some under cover police officer gives them a new cigarette to smoke.

As far the rest of the television viewers around the world crime drama television shows have tilted them away from openly trusting police officers. Many of the viewers have gotten to catch crime drama shows that portrayed some police officer as a bad guy. There have even been some shows that have some high level prosecuting attorney rig or deny evidence. Viewer get to see how their government can manipulate the prosecution of any inn0ocent person.  Through their mistrust of any law enforcer these people get into taking care of things on their own no matter if the actions are legal or not. Hollywood can manipulate people through their minds in just about any way possible. That billion dollar drive can not be controlled.