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Physical Signs your Friend might be Lonely

When life is busy and going well, loneliness is the furthest thought from the mind. For someone who does not have as much going on in their life, or has few people to share life with, loneliness can slowly set in for them. 

There are ways to know if you have a friend suffering with loneliness.

*Tired. A person who is lonely may feel weighed down and extremely tired all the time. Perhaps they sleep a lot or not enough. If you speak to your friend and she sounds tired or worn out each time, she could be lonely.

*Change in appetite. If your friend has lost a noticeable amount of weight, he may be feeling lonely. This could be because some people do not like to eat alone all the time. Eating is considered a social activity by some people.  

*Alone a lot. This is a huge warning sign. Even when your friend is in a social setting, they can still feel alone if they are not in a relationship or at least dating at the current time. If they are spending a lot of time at home alone, it may not be because they want to, they are just feeling lonely and need a little bit of TLC from their friends.

*Laughs less. If your friend seems less jovial and laughs less often, they could be feeling lonely. It can be very difficult to find the humor in things when you are alone and not happy about it.

*Appearance. Lonely people sometimes drastically change the way they look. They may dress in a shocking manner in the hope of drawing attention to themselves. Examples of this are multiple piercings, wild colored hair or offensive clothing. Other changes in appearance could include dark circles under their eyes, pale color and the spark disappearing from their eyes. 

*Mood swings. People who are lonely may go through different mood phases like irritable, down in the dumps, or very sad. Being lonely can affect how your friend thinks and reacts to life itself.

Loneliness can go hand in hand with depression. Loneliness can be caused by things like the end of a romantic relationship, loss of a loved one or a life altering accident. You may not understand why your friend is feeling lonely, but that is actually irrelevant. The most important thing you can do for your friend is to check in with them from time to time. You may have a hectic schedule, but make the time for your friend once in awhile.

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