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People and Wisdom

We, the people of this world, live amongst those whom many would consider to be the textbook definition of foolish. We (sometimes silently) watch the fools and display a great amount of tolerance for their deceiving acts. We watch them commit heinous crimes, cheat on their spouses, gamble their money away, and make the wrong choices day after day, leaving them either on the streets or even in jail. The wise people manage to get by without landing themselves in jail, without making decisions that they will forever regret, and without worrying their lives will come crashing down from beneath their feet.
The wise keep from doing the things that the foolish consider acceptable. By doing so, they are not only demonstrating their love for God, but their obedience to His word, written in the Bible. On the contrary, to say that foolish people do not love God is ignorant and for the most part untrue. However, to say the foolish are not demonstrating their love for Him in the acts that they commit should, if anything, be considered plausible.

There is an abundance of those who make bad choices everyday, and their foolishness in doing so rubs off on the rest of the world, probably without them even knowing it. As much as the world may seem atrocious, especially with all of the influences on today’s society from the media, Hollywood, music, to the internet, it really is quite hard for someone to stay clean of committing foolery. Everything we come across is full of sexual innuendos, inappropriate content, violence, language, and all around foolishness! The wiser of individuals, as much as possible, keep away from anything that can cause temptation or cause them to make a bad decision. Keeping out of a situation is good to keep a bad decision from arousing. The fools of the bunch, however, seem to adopt the ways of what they see on cable television, and seemingly even promote it.

Why do the wise stand by and watch the foolishness play and spread across this perfect planet? Perhaps in their own ways, they don’t stand by, and they don’t just ‘tolerate’ what is happening amid this truthfully sex, drugs, and violence ridden world. The people who seem to tolerate what is happening can be waiting for the foolish ones to learn from their mistakes and eventually catch on to them, or can be helping them in their own ways, such as praying or giving donations. It is about forgiveness, guidance, and lending a helping hand to those who are in need of it.
Keeping in mind that most people who are foolish are the ones without the proper guidance from their childhood and beyond, it’s quite the miracle to see a foolish one grow up and out of their ways. Nevertheless in the beginning, it starts with a parent or guardian who raises their child to fit in their moulding, or a shadow of themselves. The moulding (in the long run for a child would be to turn out wise or foolish) is set out by the parent, whether it is intentionally or by accident. Upbringing is a huge factor when figuring out how one becomes foolish.

The choices that a foolish person makes are directly related to how they were brought up. An adult who constantly chooses to commit theft, or gamble their entire paycheque away is someone who must not have been guided to steer away from that kind of foolishness, hence the ignorance and naivety of making the choice to do what is wrong. Parents raising their children have the bible as their ultimate guide to teach right from wrong, and it is in their best interest to pass the teachings of the bible onto their children in order to prevent having their child as a fool.

Once a misguided child grows into an adult, the power of free will and free decision making comes into play. (Similarly, this applies to teenagers as well, as the rebellion and disobeying of the parents start in the teenage years.) There is a choice between staying faithful to your husband or wife, or committing adultery and raising marital havoc, for example. There is a scale that is built in every human being’s soul that weighs against right and wrong – also known as the conscience – and along with this, God has given each and every single one of us a freedom of choice, or a free will. This is where a fool goes wrong, because at this point in one’s life, it is a matter of putting the right and wrong scale into action, weighing it accordingly, and ultimately making a choice which is supposed to be right.

Freedom of choice is something that can get someone into a good situation, or into a bad situation. Even if a foolish individual wasn’t guided as a child to live by the words of the Bible, it is still the power of choice that defines their wisdom. Someone who spends all of their nights drinking their lives away with the overuse of alcohol is someone who makes the decision to go down that dastardly route. It, too, is their resolve to find it within themselves to get back on the right path towards becoming wise.

‘Wise’ is only one of the words and definitions that can be considered to be derived from the Lord Himself, and definitions of such are found plentifully amongst the Old Testament and the New Testament. To follow along the right path on becoming wise can be a very difficult and trying journey, but the first step is always the hardest part in any journey. The starting point is just making that choice, and that is where and how foolish people make the first step towards changing their ways, and becoming all the wiser.

The first step can be to read the Bible. The Bible is a good way to find yourself, to find God, and to discover what foolish actually is in the eyes of the Lord. Of course, those who have a specific problem, such as excessive gambling or drug use, must understand that if they have a problem, they should seek professional help.

Professional help is a good start, as well as listening to others, such as a member of the clergy in church. Pastors are people who preach the words of the Bible in a way that can be related to you, or to something you know about, and they a good way to understand the power of wisdom straight from its source. Taking time out of your Sunday mornings to take part in church is very advantageous to discovering wisdom! As well, talking and listening to someone who, too, was once in a situation where they were down a foolish path can be gainful to learning the way of the wise.

Being a fool at one point is beneficial for the future, as making mistakes and learning from them is a vital approach on how to become wiser. Regaining, or initially finding the road to wisdom, is a leap of what some would call faith, as it is one of the most fulfilling of life’s accomplishments. Once a foolish person is along the road of wisdom, they will want to help others who have not yet succeeded in finding the road themselves.

After learning the ways of the wise, that person can call themselves wise to some extent. They are somewhat seasoned, full of life experience and still gaining more with each passing day. They have changed their ways, constantly battling the pressures of the modern society, and doing well at it, too. He or she is a new person, and is able to laugh at their old mistakes and move on with the lessons they’ve learned.

Growing out of the harsh reality of foolishness takes time and effort, but in the end, it results in your capability of helping another who is making bad choices. Perhaps a friend of yours is still in their same life groove, and he just isn’t changing his ways? Most people in this kind of predicament would try to step in and be the guide, to help direct the fool out of making a big enough mistake that could possibly incarcerate him.

The power of wisdom in spite of this would be to know when to push. For example, if a person decides that robbing a bank is his only option, obviously the wise thing to do would be to talk the person out of doing it.

In conclusion, the key to wisdom is the Bible, and the conscience you have in your soul. Foolishness is a result of poor upbringing and education, and is something that can be remedied by taking the time to actually think about the choices you make. Despite all of the outside factors from the media, internet, peer pressure and such, wisdom is something that you can create for yourself, and foolishness is something you can learn from quickly.