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Peace Suffering Healing

Whenever I see good people suffering my heart goes out to those people. I have seen many good people suffering badly in their lives. Many times I have asked myself “why do bad things happen to good people?” For example, a plane crashes and everyone aboard loses their lives. Some good people may also be traveling in the plane and yet bad things do happen to good people.

Every religious scripture clearly says “what you sow, so shall you reap.” Then why should a good person reap bad things? Then, as I started studying spiritual knowledge more deeply, I found the answer. The problem lies with my perception. For example, a person may be considered to be a very good person by his second wife while same person may be considered to be a very bad person by his first wife.

So, from an individual perspective, it is clear that a same person may be judged as a good person by one and judged as a bad person by another. These judgments are from a narrow point of view and these do not matter. According to the scriptures, the eternal law is the judge. Every one is equal in the eyes of eternal laws. For the good things I have done, I will reap good and for the bad things I have done I will reap bad things.

You know that we are spiritual beings or souls. Souls are immortal. You are a soul and you do not die; only your body dies. We souls are actors. The souls act different roles in different births taking different bodies. Yes, this is a fact. This is the birth and death cycle.

The soul leaves a body when the body becomes too old or gets damaged due to a disease or an accident. Just as a person owns a car, drives it and when it becomes too old, gets a new car the soul takes a body, lives in the body and when the body gets too old or damaged, the soul gets a new body. Leaving a body is death and taking a body is birth.

The truth is, whatever I experience, be it good or bad, comfort or discomfort, I just deserve it. This is the eternal law. I am accountable for all my actions in all my births, not just this birth. If I had hurt a person in my previous birth, emotionally or physically, then I may experience the same pain through the same person in the present birth.

In my previous birth, I may have committed mistakes or may have caused pain and discomfort to other people. For example, if I had been a government official in my previous birth, I may have passed a law due to which many innocent people may have suffered. As a result, I may endure the same kind of suffering in my present birth. This may be hard to digest, but truth has to be digested today or tomorrow.

So, a person can be a good person in this birth and may still suffer because of his wrong actions in previous births. The traveler or the soul is the same while the vehicles (bodies) change from birth to birth. I am accountable for my actions, be it in this birth or my previous births.

I feel comfortable knowing this truth because I now know that I am not suffering without any reason or due to my bad luck, but just settling my past accounts. I acknowledge this truth and there is peace in my heart and I experience the healing.