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Past Lives and Astrologymoons Nodes in a Birth Chartmoons Nodes and Reincarnation

Past lives in a horoscope can be represented by the Moon’s Nodes.

There are two points in a horoscope at which the moon’s orbit cuts the ecliptic; these are the Moon’s Nodes. The North Node is also called the Dragon’s Head and the South Node, the Dragon’s Tail.

The Moon’s Nodes in a Horoscope ~

The position of the Nodes can represent how past experiences will affect the present life. The North Node depicts areas of possible gain and fulfilment brought forward into this life; the ‘credits’ of Karma. The South Node indicates areas where lessons may have to be learned.

Planets linking with these points will give indication of how a person may benefit or may have to make sacrifices. Below are some indications expected from the positive planetary links with the Nodes; these should be taken as general bearing in mind the importance of the overall significance of the whole chart in relation to Karma.

Sun Astrology and Reincarnation: Indication of benefit through social relationships.

Moon Astrology and Reincarnation: The Moon rules over instincts, emotions and domestic circumstances, positive aspects should therefore bring ease and harmony through emotional relationships and family life.

Mercury Astrology and Reincarnation: Individual is well able to express himself through communication and may find fulfilment through Mercury related subjects: writing, studying, short distance travelling and journalism.

Venus Astrology and Reincarnation: Marriage and love affairs will be the areas likely to bring comfort and fulfilment.

Mars Astrology and Reincarnation: Release of energy through physical or sporting activities.

Jupiter Astrology and Reincarnation: Fortunate indication offering luck and beneficial opportunities through the life of the individual. Fulfilment through religion, philosophy or travel.

Saturn Astrology and Reincarnation: Achievement of aims and desires through discipline, determination and will-power.

Uranus Astrology and Reincarnation: An effervescent, yet unique and individualistic character who will be admired by others.

Neptune Astrology and Reincarnation: Musical and/or creative pursuits should bring satisfaction. Also able to rely on intuition with possible psychic tendencies.

Pluto Astrology and Reincarnation: Favourable for adjusting to the changes throughout the differing phases of life.

Challenging Planetary Aspects in a Karmic Chart

Below are the trends to be expected from the more challenging aspects with the Moon’s Nodes:

Sun: May have to deal with problems in gaining understanding or appropriate recognition from others. Possible frustration through inability to relate to others.

Moon: Frustrations may come by way of emotional relationships, perhaps through domestic problems or lack of emotional stability.

Mercury: Difficulties in expressing opinions and attitudes to others; could tend to talk without thinking.

Venus: A need for an original or different style of clothing or physical appearance which may shock others. Love affairs may be a source of disagreements.

Mars: Impulsive actions or a naturally careless nature will frustrate not only himself but those around him.

Jupiter: Might find it difficult to come to terms with actual philosophical or religious convictions, a constantly changing attitude and ‘forever searching’.

Saturn: Frustrates ambitions making a lot of effort necessary in order to accomplish aims.

Uranus: Individualistic tendencies may be so extreme so as to interfere with personal and social relationships.

Neptune: Others will see this individual as having his head in the clouds; thoughts and actions seem confusing. Conscious avoidance of drink and drugs would be advisable.

Pluto: May bring constant disruptions according to the area of Chart where the Node is placed or difficulties in accepting change. Determined effort will be needed if necessary changes are to be brought about.

New Beginnings Astrology and Reincarnation ~

And whereas the birth chart gives indication of the Karmic Standing of an individual and the possible potentials to be realised through the life trends as related to that chart, some people also believe the horoscope set for the moment of death gives indication of the Karmic State which will be carried through to the next existence. For death will not be an ending but yet another beginning.

The following site will give where the Moon’s Nodes are positioned in any chart:

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