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Paranormal Places Insane Asylum Taunton Massachusetts


1833 the first insane asylum was born in Worcester Massachusetts. Over crowded with the mentally insane over a 16 year period, the government had no choice but to expand this facilty eventually leading to the worst undercover concentration camp for the mentally insane in the entire United States.

After being approved for a grant to extend it’s facilities, the perfect town was designated in Taunton Massachusetts being named Taunton State Hospital. The numbers of petitions increased from the citizens of the Taunton Massachusetts community. They were over ruled and eventually this facility was built in the northern area of Taunton Massachusetts. The facility was set over a farm land stretching acres and still to this day, a plow as well as a green house can still be seen sitting of to the side of the hospital. Taunton State Hospital has grown over the years to a massive architecture of modern day structure, however the events that took place were no where near appropriate with the laws, and the medical professionals were as sick as the patients.

After all buildings were appropriately constructed a series of horrific events took place that were over looked. Taunton State Hospital slowly turned into one of the sickest concentration camps for the mentally retarded and insane eventually leading to many murders and suicides. In 1854, no more then three years after the facility was completed the killings and torture began. Taunton State was set to be a facility in which the insane would be cured due to the serene surroundings and sympathetic nature of the staff. When the doors closed an entirely different story came about. On the far east of the facility (Now a juvenile hall), is where the shock treatment and blood bath experiments took place. This area as never been re-done and only added onto for the detention of juvenile delinquents. Still to this day stands a run down facility where the screams of the insane can still be heard. On the front part of one building there is an area of 1 foot standing space surrounded by bars and a chained fence where the insane would be left in to sleep in the night right after the 9pm freezing shock bath. If the insane were not dead by morning, they were then taken to the other part of the building (Which is no more then 1 foot away but still connected), and brutally tortured. It was in this building that the limbs of the insane would be sawed off and attached to another person, only to see if they could still be used and function correctly. Some inmates were boiled to death to see how long the human body could survive in scalding hot temperatures and how it affected the blood, and internal organs.

Some of these inmates were not insane. Back in these days, if a woman was thought to have had turrets, or depression, undiagnosed back then, she was put to an insane asylum. When many of these men and woman were to escape, most of the time they would only make it to the water tower about 20 acres from the hospital, later caught, and hacked to death. It is no wonder why the screams can still be heard throughout the facility today. Lights have been reported to be seen in the abandoned part of Taunton State, as well as electrical wires, and human hands streaking down the windows.

Seventy percent of Taunton State hospital was built over and now is a facility for the mentally retarded, and insane, with the most proper care needed. This facility is now one of the most successful hospitals for a decline in suicides, and medical treatment for the insane. Aside from this, many reports from staff members working in these facilities have ranged from weird screaming, to banging on the walls. Apparitions have been seen trying to hop a fence at the farthest end of the hospital, as also it can be seen behind this fence, figures running over the hill.

Taunton State hospital also serves as a mental hospital for children under the age of 18 as well. Please do not attempt to trespass, not because of the guard who looks like he is about to pass on anyways, but because of the paranormal events that take place here. Many people including, women, men, and children, have been known to enter this facility in illegal means and never come out. Missing persons in the city of Taunton also called “curse county”, have been known to identify the last place visited with a group of friends in most cases was Taunton State Hospital. It is said that the State is aware of these events, and therefore this is why they only need one guard on the entire 200 acre facility. Most people that go there never come back anyways.