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Paranormal Phenomena Black Eyed Kids

A relatively recent phenomenon has been gathering momentum in the strange and unsolved mysteries domain: the so-called Black-Eyed Kids mystery (B.E.K.). The increasing numbers of accounts of people encountering BEK all have something in common: an individual is approached by one or several BEK that ask for a favor, the individual is overwhelmed by fear when looking into their eyes and feels compelled to do what they ask him to, then manages to snap out of that feeling and get away from them.

It is yet unclear whether these stories are anything more than an urban legend or a real unexplained mystery that needs to be taken seriously. However, the fact is that the first account of BEK appeared in 1998, and ever since, there have been more and more stories involving this type of phenomenon.

The first reported incident occurred in 1998, when Brain Bethel, a journalist, was sitting in a parking lot and was approached by two strange-looking children that needed a ride. They were dressed in style and looked normal, except for their eyes that were completely black, with no distinguishable pupil or iris. He was suddenly overcome by a feeling of imminent danger and was unwilling to let them into his car. The children were insistent and showed annoyance because of his refusal. When he looked into their pitch-black eyes, he felt petrified with fear. Somehow, he managed to defeat his fear for a moment and drive away from them.

The majority of the accounts after 1998 involve BEK showing up at people’s doorsteps and asking to be let inside. This happens most often at dusk, in the evening or at night. The frightening kids say they need to make a phone call because they are lost, or that they need a place to stay for the night. Despite being insistent, they do not enter the house without permission and wait on the doorstep. The individual is overpowered by an intense fear when looking into their void, harrowing, black eyes and feels in danger. All the people in the known accounts refuse to let the children in or get away from the scene.

However, there have been no anecdotes over the years of people letting the BEK in. Of course, this raises some scary, yet inevitable questions. Has this ever happened? Are they still here to tell the story? What sinister things occurred when they let them in?

Despite the increasing number of anecdotes that support the existence of this phenomenon, many skeptics have tried to debunk it by offering a rational explanation to these accounts. Contact lenses that make the eyes appear fully black are available on the market, so this could point to pranks, rather than a paranormal phenomenon. Furthermore, the evil vibe that people get from the BEK could be simply the result of a vivid imagination or a natural consequence of not being able to see into these children’s eyes. It is known that eye contact can give us a gut instinct that helps us decide whether we can trust a stranger or not.

Whether these anecdotes describe a real, yet frightening phenomenon or they are simply an urban legend, is still up for debate. In the absence of solid proof that can confirm or debunk these claims, the BEK phenomenon remains an unexplained mystery.