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Pagans out of the Shadows

When I tell people I am Pagan or a Druid, they have two reactions. I am devil or they ask questions. I am more than will to talk about what a Pagan is. A Pagan is a person who does not follow one of the more mass religions, and follows the belief of many Deities of both male and female, or a central belief if both a God and Goddess on an equal front. A Pagan is some one who does not comply to the supposed “norm” of religion, but hangs on to a tradition that predates record. Pagans are older than memory, but as part of today as anyone. We have endured a life time of shadow to come again into the light.

As a Pagan, one looks to nature as man has done for thousands of years for cures, crop planting, fertility. Pagans look to the stars to plan things such as harvest, conception, celebration, and rites passage. A Pagan takes the signs from nature and the guide of the Gods to plan out daily life. A farmer would go to the local Druidess to ask her advice to plant his crops. A family would consult the local Shaman to discuss the formability of a marriage. A married woman would go to the local Wise Woman for help conceiving. Through out the history of man, Pagans have touched all aspect of life. All the while, we have a respect for nature that is still true millennia into the future.

Even today, Pagans still have a hand on the world. As we always have, we serve as guides and assistants to man and nature. New Age shops supply modern Pagans with the tools of rites and spells. Most Pagans that have taken the natural life grow what they need, and often sell them at gatherings and faires. Still true to nature and the Gods, a Pagan celebrates eight main holidays and eight smaller holidays. Honoring of the Moon phases is also a traditional practice today. People will go to a Pagan for advice through divination. Alchemist still practice their trade. Shamans are still very much a part of modern day life. Midwifery is still a practiced profession, and some women still take time honored herb obtained from Pagans to produce children.

No longer hidden from view, Pagans are growing in numbers. Our full belief in nature, and the presents of more than one power higher than us, gives us a balance not found anywhere else. Pagans are a proud traditional people with beliefs dating back to the time before current religion. While chased through time, and persecuted, Pagans have with stood, flourished, and overcome obstacles to keep our beliefs alive for the future.