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BIOS MYTHOS LOGOS EROS (influenced by Ancient Pagan Greek thought)

This is but a start of something I’d like to turn into something larger. Four parts. So far I only have one, BIOS, but it’s written in Mythos form (story form), so I have half already. I will finish the rest at a later date (LOGOS and EROS, that is).

In the state as we are now of recently breaking into the twenty-first century and having some but very little perspective on our own individual lives and the world about us, I think we sometimes fail to appreciate the notion that ideas have consequences.

In history, the men and women who changed the course of science, of philosophy and all their myriad branches, almost universally understood a few things: the human soul, human language, human Myths, tales or legends, nature (that is time, space, matter, energy), and some notion of a guiding intelligence or mind. Many men and women have termed this guide “God” or ultimate truth.

In Ancient Greece there was a group of men and women who began to look and investigate their own bodies and others’ bodies. There was no end to discovery after discovery that was made. They were continuously baffled by many things, and the greatest was the thing called sleep. Why did human beings need sleep? They developed Myths to explain sleep, but there was no scientific answer for this. As they studied their physical natures, they noticed a similarity in certain bodies of other animals to their own. So they began to study them as well. They came up with a name in Greek for this approach to their course of discipline, BIOS. (You can see that this is where we get BIOLOGY from.)